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SAR Manuals and Documents

Search and Rescue (SAR) manuals and documents.

U. S. Coast Guard Addendum to the National SAR Supplement  
(CGADD), COMDTINST M16130.2F, dated 07 Jan 2013

The CGADD is a Coast Guard  publication complementing the U.S. National SAR Supplement and IAMSAR for Coast Guard SAR operations.

This  Addendum includes procedures and information that may be useful to rescue agencies outside of the Coast Guard.   Although the CGADD is a Coast Guard policy publication, commands may share the information with other rescue organizations.

The policies and procedures in this manual apply to Coast Guard facilities within the U.S., territories, and possessions, and to Coast Guard SAR operations worldwide.  This directive promulgates internal Coast Guard planning guidance solely intended to promote efficiency and consistency in public service above and beyond the requirements of law and regulation.  Any obligations discussed, flow only to the Coast Guard and Coast Guard personnel are expected to exercise broad discretion in performing the functions discussed.  The Coast Guard retains the discretion to deviate from or change this guidance without notice.  

CG SAR Addendum COMDTINST M16130.2F, 07 Jan 2013

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U.S. National SAR Supplement (NSS)
The NSS replaced the National Search and Rescue Manual as the primary U.S. SAR publication. 

National Search and Rescue Plan of the United States (NSP) 2007

National Response Framework (NRF) January 2008
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

National Response Framework--2008
This National Response Framework (NRF) is a guide to how the Nation conducts all-hazards response. It is built upon scalable, flexible, and adaptable coordinating structures to align key roles and responsibilities across the Nation, linking all levels of government, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector. It is intended to capture specific authorities and best practices for managing incidents that range from the serious but purely local, to large-scale terrorist attacks or catastrophic natural disasters.
This core document, along with the Emergency Support Function Annexes and Support Annexes (available at the
NRF Resource Center,, supersedes the corresponding sections of the National Response Plan (2004, with 2006 revisions). The Incident Annexes remain in effect until superseded at a later date. The President has approved this National Response Framework. Washington, DC, January 2008

National Response Framework Overview
This document was developed expressly for emergency management practitioners as an overview of the process, roles, and responsibilities for requesting and providing all forms of Federal assistance. This overview also presents a summary of each of the 15 Emergency Support Function Annexes and 8 Support Annexes including their purpose, capabilities, membership, and concept of operations. The complete annexes are contained in the online NRF Resource Center.

ESF-9 Overview -- NEW!

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IAMSAR - International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue Manual

The 2013 edition is now available. Instead of publishing future amendments, a complete new edition will be published every three years with the next edition to be in 2016. Limited extracts of the IAMSAR Manual can be made for operational and training purposes.

This IAMSAR manual is the basic document for SAR for United States Federal Agencies as described in the National SAR Plan. The manual is produced in three volumes, each specifically targeted to different levels of the SAR system.

Volume I: Organization and Management.
Discusses the global SAR system concept, establishment and improvement of national and regional SAR systems and co-operation with neighboring States to provide effective and economical SAR services.

Volume II: Mission Co-ordination.
Assists personnel who plan and co-ordinate SAR operations and exercises.

Volume III: Mobile Facilities.
Intended to be carried aboard rescue units, aircraft, and vessels to help with performance of search, rescue, on-scene coordinator, or aircraft coordinator functions and with aspects of SAR that pertain to their own emergencies.

The IAMSAR Manual can be purchased direct from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) or from selected book sellers around the world as provided under "Publication Catalogue" on the IMO web page:  It is available in English, French, and Spanish languages and will also be published in Russian, Chinese and Arabic languages by the IMO or other sources. (see SAR Links page)

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