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Mass Rescue Operations (MRO)

Guidance and documents pertaining to Mass Rescue Operations

Coast Guard Passenger Vessel Safety Program
This link is to the Coast Guard Passenger Vessel Safety Program web page, which provides additional information concerning mass rescue operations, exercises, planning, training, and other information on maritime mass rescue.

USCG MRO Planning Guidance
In the event of a mass rescue (MRO), no single organization is fully equipped to mount an effective response.  The success of an MRO is contingent upon the seamless efforts of search and rescue agencies, the company, mutual assistance assets, and Good Samaritans.  Success is also contingent upon effective plans and the exercising of those plans.

The purpose of this planning guidance is to assist those in developing plans for mass rescue operations in the maritime or navigable waterway environment.  Mass rescues could be the result of a ship, aircraft, rail, roadway or natural disaster incident.  In any case, the sequence of priority in major multi-mission incidents must be lifesaving, environmental protection, and then property protection.

The intent of this planning guidance is to also generate consistency, raise awareness, identify stakeholders, and provide continuity between existing emergency plans such as:  Federal, State, County, City, Industry (e.g. Involved Party, Salvagers, etc.), Good Samaritan, and Volunteer Organizations.

National SAR Supplement on Mass Rescue Operations.
The NSARC Mass Rescue Working Group developed text for the National Search and Rescue Supplement on Mass Rescue Operations. NSARC approved the text at the December 4, 2003 general meeting.

International Maritime Organization (IMO) Guidance Documents

Alaska Maritime Mass Rescue Operations Job Aids
USCG Rescue Coordination Center Juneau, Alaska (District 17) created the following aids to assist with the Passenger Vessel Safety Program

Costa Concordia Summary of Emergency Response Management, 2012

Black Swan After Action Report Executive Summary, August 5, 2013


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