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Active Regulatory Projects

Phase Title RIN Docket Link
NPRM Tonnage Regulations Amendments 1625-AB74 USCG-2011-0522
ANPRM Safety Management System Requirements for Vessels on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf 1625-AC05 USCG-2012-0779
FR Double Hull Tanker Escorts - Prince William Sound Alaska 1625-AB96 USCG-2012-0975
FR Lifesaving Devices on Uninspected Vessels 1625-AB83 USCG-2012-0919
FR Regulated Navigation Areas; Bars along the Coasts of Oregon and Washington 1625-AC01 USCG-2013-0216
NPRM Installation and Use of Engine Cut-off Switches on Recreational Vessels 1625-AB34 USCG-2009-0206
NPRM Updates to Maritime Security 1625-AB38  
NPRM Higher Volume Port Area–State of Washington 1625-AB75 USCG-2011-0576
SNPRM Claims Procedures under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 1625-AA03 USCG-2004-17697
NPRM Great Lakes Pilotage Rates—2015 Annual Review and Adjustment 1625-XXXX USCG-2014-XXXX
NPRM Updates to Standards Incorporated by References 1625-AB98 USCG-2012-0866
FR Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) Reader Requirements 1625-AB21 USCG-2007-28915
NPRM Updates to Standards Incorporated by References 1625-AB98 USCG-2012-0866
NOI Commercial Fishing Industry Vessels 1625-AA77 USCG-2003-16158
SNPRM Outer Continental Shelf Activities 1625-AA18 USCG-1988-3868
SNPRM Cargo Securing on Vessels Operating in U.S. Waters 1625-AA25 USCG-2000-7080
NPRM Revision of Coast Guard Auxiliary Regulations 1625-AB66 USCG–1999–6712
NPRM Ballast Water Management Reporting and Recordkeeping 1625-AB68 USCG-2012-0924
NPRM Lifesaving Devices Uninspected Vessels Commercial Barges and Sailing Vessels 1625-AB83 USCG-2012-0919
NPRM Revision of Crane Regulation Standards for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, Offshore Supply Vessels, and Floating Outer Continental Shelf Facilities 1625-AB78 USCG-2011-0992
FR Personal Flotation Devices Labeling and Standards 1625-AC02 USCG-2013-0263
IR Commercial Fishing Vessels--Implementation of 2010 and 2012 Legislation 1625-AB85
IR Revision to Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Requirements for Mariners 1625-AB80
SNPRM Inspection of Towing Vessels 1625-AB06 USCG-2006-24412
NPRM Inland Waterways Navigation Regulations 1625-AB84
IBR Updates Updates to Standards Incorporated by Reference; Reaffirmed ASTM Standards; Technical Amendment 1625-AB98 USCG-2012-0866
NOI Discharge-Removal Equipment for Vessels Carrying Oil 1625-AA02 USCG-2011-0430
NOA Marine Transportation - Related Facility Response Plans for Hazardous Substances 1625-AA12 USCG-1999-5705
NOA Tank Vessel Response Plans for Hazardous Substances 1625-AA13 USCG-1999-5705
SNPRM Numbering of Undocumented Barges 1625-AA14 USCG-1998-3798
FR Vessel Documentation User Fees--Annual Renewal Fee 1625-AA56 USCG-2010-0990
NPRM Vessel Requirements for Notices of Arrival and Departure, and Automatic Identification System 1625-AA99 USCG-2005-21869
NPRM Potable Water Standards for Inspected Vessels 1625-AB51 USCG-2005-20052
NPRM  Amendments to Chemical Testing Requirements 1625-AB58 USCG-2010-1064
NPRM Harmonization of Standards for Fire Protection and Extinguishing Equipment 1625-AB59 USCG-2012-0196
FR Bulk Packaging to Allow for Transfer of Hazardous Liquid Cargoes 1625-AB63 USCG-2011-0088
IR Implementation of MARPOL Annex V Amendments 1625-AB97 USCG-2012-1049
NPRM Marine Casualty Reporting on the Outer Continental Shelf 1625-AB99 USCG-2013-1057

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