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Active Regulatory Projects

The primary source for information on all active Coast Guard regulatory projects is the Unified Agenda (UA) and the Semi-Annual Regulatory Plan (Regulatory Plan) published by the Office of Management and Budget. The most recent and historical versions of the UA and Regulatory Plan are available at

Active USCG Regulatory Projects

The following are all active USCG regulatory actions as of fiscal year 2015. All rules in bold are newly published rules in the current fiscal year.  Any clickable Titles will lead you to the pre-publication PDF version. Click on the Regulatory Identifier Number (RIN) to view the action's specific project information. Click to the RIN to view the information or click the Docket Link to leave comments about rule.  Rules without a Docket Link will have a link soon.  A comprehensive historical listing of rulemaking projects can be found in the Archives page.

Phase Title RIN Docket Link
FR 46 CFR 2015 Technical Amendments 1625–ZA33 USCG-2015-0867
NPRM  Great Lakes Pilotage Rates—2016 Annual Review and Adjustment 1625-AC22 USCG-2015-0497
NPRM Requirements for Vessels With Registry Endorsements or Foreign-Flagged Vessels That Perform Certain Aquaculture Support Operations 1625-AC23 USCG-2015-0086
FR 33 Technical Amendment, Navigation and Navigable Waters; Technical, Organizational, and Conforming Amendments 1625-AC13 USCG-2015-0433
NPRM Deepwater Ports 1625-AB92 USCG-2012-0061
FR Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Locations 1625-AC00 USCG-2012-0850
FR Great Lake Pilotage Rates -- 2015 Annual Review and Adjustment 1625-AC22 USCG-2014-0481
NPRM Commercial Diving Operations 1625-AA21 USCG-1998-3786
NPRM MARPOL Annex 1 Update 1625-AB57 USCG-2010-0194
FR Vessel Requirements for Notices of Arrival and Departure, and Automatic Identification System 1625-AA99 USCG-2005-21869
FR Revision of Coast Guard Auxiliary Regulations 1625-AB66 USCG–1999–6712
NPRM Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2010: Implementation 1625-AB91 USCG-2011-0357
NPRM  Commercial Fishing Vessels Dispensing Petroleum Products 1625-AC18 USCG-2013-0195
NPRM Seafarers' Access to Maritime Facilities 1625-AC15
NPRM Consolidated Cruise Ship Security 1625-AB30 USCG-2006-23846
NPRM  Requirements for MODUs and Other Vessels Conducting Outer Continental Shelf Activities With Dynamic Positioning Systems 1625-AC16 USCG-2014-0063
FR Changes to the Inland Navigation Rules of the Road 1625-AB88 USCG-2012-0102
IR 2012 Liquid Chemical Categorization Updates 1625-AB94 USCG-2013-0423
NPRM Consumer Price Index Adjustments of Oil Pollution Act of 1990 Limits of Liability - Vessels, Deepwater Ports and Onshore Facilities 1625-AC14 USCG-2014-0208
IR Offshore supply Vessels of at least 6,000 GT ITC 1625-AB62 USCG-2014-0208
FR Lifesaving Equipment: Production Testing and Harmonization With International Standards 1625-AB46 USCG-2010-0048
FR Notice of Arrival Exception 1625-AC12 USCG-2013-0797
ANPRM Training of Personnel and Manning on Mobile Offshore Units and Offshore Supply Vessels Engaged in U.S. Outer Continental Shelf Activities 1625-AC10 USCG-2013-0175
FR Waiver of Citizenship Requirements for Crewmembers on Commercial Fishing Vessels 1625-AB61 USCG-2010-0625
FR Dry Cargo Residue Discharges in the Great Lakes 1625-AA89 USCG-2004-19621
NPRM Marine Casualty Reporting on the Outer Continental Shelf 1625-AB99 USCG-2013-1057
NPRM Harmonization of Standards for Fire Protection, Detection, and Extinguishing Equipment 1625-AB59 USCG-2012-0196
NPRM Assessment Framework and Organizational Restatement Regarding Preemption for Certain Regulations Issued by the Coast Guard 1625-AB32 USCG-2008-1259
FR Implementation of the Amendments to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, and Changes to National Endorsements 1625-AA16 USCG-2004-17914
FR Waiver for Marking Sunken Vessels With a Light at Night 1625-AC11 USCG-2012-0054
FR Transportation Worker Identification Credential Not Evidence of Resident Alien Status 1625-AC09 USCG-2013-0916
SNPRM  Cargo Securing Manuals 1625-AA25 USCG-2000-7080

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