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Electronic access to certificates and documents (Coordinated by the U.S.) 

1.  The U.S. POC is Mr. Roger Butturini.

2.  Terms of Reference (from FAL 38/15, paragraph 5.43)

5.43 The Committee approved the following terms of reference for the Intersessional Correspondence Group on Electronic Access to Certificates and Documents, under the coordination of the United States which should:

.1 collect lessons learned through implementation of the Guidelines for Use of printed versions of electronic certificates;

.2 identify the stakeholders for accommodating required periodic endorsements of printed versions of electronic certificates and recommend efficient methods for handling these endorsements;

.3 continue work on online access to certificates and electronic versions of documents, including features of websites used for their access;

.4 consider the future format of the IMO Compendium on Facilitation and Electronic Business; and

.5 report to FAL 39.

3.  Plan/Supplementary Information


4.  Reference Documents

FAL.2/Circ.127 -- List of Certificates and Documents Required To Be Carried on Board Ships, 2013

Circular Letter 2953 -- Communication from Liberia [re: use of electronic versions of certificates and documents]   

5.  Draft Correspondence Group Materials  

     There are no drafts at this time.

6. Correspondence Group Report

    FAL 39/5

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