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Comprehensive review to the Annex of the Facilitation Convention (Coordinated by France)

1.  The U.S. POC is Mr. David Du Pont.

2.  Terms of Reference (from FAL 38/15, paragraph 4.44) 

4.44 The Committee approved the following terms of reference for the intersessional Correspondence Group on the Comprehensive Review of the annex to the Convention, under the coordination of France:

.1 make further progress, taking into account earlier discussions and text as set out in FAL 38/WP.4, on the general revision of the annex to the FAL Convention;

.2 advise on and provide proper justification for the date of application when the establishment of electronic exchange of information should become mandatory by amending Standard 1.3bis;

.3 draft text, clearly distinguished in the report of the correspondence group from the text of the annex to the Convention, that can be used for the revision of the Explanatory Manual in order to provide further clarification and background information for the amendments made and, particularly, for:

.1 Standard 2.16.1 to provide justification for the inclusion of the word "residence" taking into account paragraphs 4.24 and 4.25 of FAL 38/WP.4; and

.2 Standard 2.23 in respect to shipowner's liability;

.4 draft provisions regarding amendments to previously lodged information or documents;

.5 advise on the outstanding issue regarding the inclusion of visa number, if appropriate, in the passenger list;

.6 consider the inclusion of draught information to the data elements of the General Declaration (paragraphs 4.7 to 4.9 of FAL 38/WP.4);

.7 consider the proposed amendment to Standard 3.44 in respect of ''clear grounds'' (paragraph 4.17 of FAL 38/WP.4);

.8 identify outdated provisions in the current Standards and Recommended Practices, taking into account the incorporated requirements of other international conventions;

.9 identify the changes needed to align the FAL forms with the proposed changes of Standards;

.10 consider the remaining issues identified by MSC 88, which are:

.1 augmenting information associated with the impact of stowaways on issues related to safety, and specifically the available capacity of life-saving appliances provided on board and the total number of persons permitted; and

.2 systematically reviewing the words "return" and "remove";

.11 consider FAL.6/Circ.13 on Facilitation in avoiding safety threatening conditions;

.12 take into account the identified areas for amendment of the Explanatory Manual as set out in paragraph 6 of document FAL 37/WP.5 and in the course of the review of the annex to the Convention, identify further guidelines that need to be included in the Explanatory Manual;

.13 consider the inclusion of the trade recovery and contingency practices; and

.14 submit its report in time for the next session of the Committee.

3.  Plan/Supplementary information

This Correspondence Group is coordinated by France.  Input is provided on a mark-up of the Annex to the FAL Convention.  France will seek input during this intersessional period through a series of comments periods. 

4.  Reference Documents

FAL.3/Circ.202 -- Explanatory Manual to the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic, 1965, as amended (FAL Convention)

FAL.3.Circ.202/Corr.1 -- Corrigendum to the Explanatory Manual

FAL.5/Circ.36 -- Guidelines for setting up a Single Window system in maritime transport

FAL.5/Circ.40 -- Revised IMO Compendium on Facilitation and Electronic Business

5.  Draft Correspondence Group Materials

FAL38 ISCG Comp Rvw FAL Conv Round-3 -- General Review of the Convention, including harmonization with other international instruments

6. Correspondence Group Report

      FAL 39/4

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