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Towing Safety Advisory Committee

Establishment and Purpose:

Under the authority of Title 33, United States Code, Section 1231a, the Secretary of the Department of Transportation, through the Commandant of the Coast Guard, has delegated the Chief, Office of Marine Safety, Security and Environmental Protection the responsibility to establish the Towing Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC). The Committee shall serve as a deliberative body to advise the Secretary of Transportation, via the Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard, on matters relating to shallow-draft inland and coastal waterway navigation and towing safety.

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Membership and Staff Support:

TSAC's membership includes members from the barge and towing industry; the mineral and oil supply vessel industry; port districts, authorities or terminal operators; maritime labor; shippers and the general public. TSAC members serve three year terms, with one-third of the terms of the members expiring each year. Members may serve until a replacement is appointed. The Secretary of the Army and the Maritime Administrator may appoint representatives to act as observers on the Committee. The Committee members may designate a Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

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