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Office of Operating and Environmental Standards (CG-OES)

(Formerly CG-522, G-PSO, and G-MSO)


To develop and maintain maritime industry operating and environmental standards, regulations, and industry guidance to prevent deaths, injuries, property damage, and environmental harm by engaging all stakeholders, including federal advisory committees and international committees. 

As part of the Commercial Regulations and Standards Directorate (CG-5PS), the Office of Operating and Environmental Standards plays a large role in accomplishing objectives supporting the vision and mission of the Coast Guard. To that end, CG-OES develops and maintains standards regulating marine industry through treaties, regulations, and policy.



CG-OES is comprised of four divisions with well-defined areas of responsibility: 



Commandant (CG-OES)
ATTN (Job Title/Function/Office)
U.S. Coast Guard
2703 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE
Washington DC 20593-7509
Tel: 202-372-1401

Last Modified 12/30/2013