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Risk Management

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Many U.S. Coast Guard Missions involve identifying and minimizing (or if possible eliminating) hazards to the public, the environment, and U.S. Coast Guard Personnel, preventing mishaps, and investigating causes when mishaps occur. Risk Based Decision Making (RBDM) provides a defensible basis for making decisions and helps to identify the greatest risks and prioritize efforts to minimize or eliminate them.

As an example, the Uninspected Towing Vessel Industry Analysis Project, sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard, in its list of activities, includes a risk evaluation of towing vessel accident history. To read and download the evaluation and other activities accomplished by the project, click on Final Report.

The Human Element and Ship Design Division was assigned primary responsibility for developing the use of risk assessment and risk management in a comprehensive Coast Guard approach to RBDM. These efforts focused on prevention, preparedness, and response, and included waterways management and regulatory development and analysis. Click on the following hyperlinks for access to:

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