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CEMS Training Page

Crew Endurance Coaches Training

U.S. Coast Guard Crew Endurance (CE) Coaches Training is designed to provide commercial mariners at the management and vessel level with the knowledge and skills to develop, deploy, and assess a Crew Endurance Management System (CEMS) within their companies. The Crew Endurance "Coach" is critical to the success of CEMS implementation within any organization; this is the person (crewmember, captain, manager, etc.) within the system, who is able to "keep a finger on the pulse" of the implementation process. Coaches provide education and guidance on the principles of light and sleep management, assist with changes to the work/rest environment, make recommendations on schedule changes, and help create personal endurance plans for each crewmember. Without these Crew Endurance Coaches, CEMS can become exceedingly difficult to successfully implement and sustain.

In order to become a CE Coach, individuals must be certified by attending a U.S. Coast Guard accepted Coaches Training course. This course is comprised of two days' instruction and a written exam. Obtaining CE Coach certification demonstrates successful completion of the training requirements necessary to educate personnel within the organization on the science, processes, and practices specific to the U.S. Coast Guard Crew Endurance Management Program. It is recommended that each vessel practicing CEM have a Coach on board to help with CEMS implementation, to explain CEMS related procedures, and to clear up misunderstandings about the program.

Training Course Information
Provider: Salyers Solutions, LLC
Instructor: Jo Ann Salyers
Contact: (504) 236-4962

Crew Endurance Experts Training

This is a train-the-trainer course to provide both the knowledge and tools necessary to teach the Coast Guard-accepted Crew Endurance (CE) Coaches Training. Experts Training is a three-day course complete with in-class teaching exercises, and an oral and verbal exam designed to assess each potential trainer's understanding of the science and practice of CEMS. Successful completion of Crew Endurance Coaches Training is a mandatory prerequisite for Experts Training .

Not all Experts have an established Coaches Training course because they have not yet completed their "check-ride". This "check-ride" finalizes an Expert's certification process, by which a seasoned Coast Guard Expert attends the initial Coaches Training session conducted by the new company Expert, assists with the course, evaluates the quality of instruction, and validates the grading of exams.

Experts Training is conducted on an as-needed basis, to be determined by interest level and need within the commercial maritime community. If you have an interest in becoming a certified Crew Endurance Coaches Trainer (Expert) contact the CEMs program manager at (202) 372-1426.  

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Last Modified 1/12/2016