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Navigation and Inspection Circulars (NVIC)

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NVIC 02-63 Guide for Inspection and Repair of Lifesaving Equipment.
NVIC 07-68 Notes on Inspection and Repair of Steel Hulls.
NVIC 06-70 Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems for Use in Galley Ventilating Equipment.
NVIC 07-70 Marine Type Portable Fire Extinguishers.
NVIC 06-72 Guide to Fixed Fire-Fighting Equipment aboard Merchant Vessels.
NVIC 02-81 Coast Guard Inspection Guidance Regarding Integrated Tug Barge Combinations.
NVIC 04-82 Uninspected Commercial Vessel Safety.
NVIC 09-82 MSD Certification.
NVIC 09-82 Ch-1 Part A
NVIC 09-82 Ch-1 Part B
NVIC 12-82 NVIC 12-82 Recommendations on Control of Excessive Noise.
NVIC 16-82 Appeal of Coast Guard Commercial Vessel Decisions and Actions.
NVIC 09-83 Coast Guard Guidance Regarding Requirement for charts and publications.
NVIC 12-83 Intact Stability of Towing and Fishing Vessels; Research Results.
NVIC 07-86 Information on the Adequacy and Currency of Nautical Charts.
NVIC 13-86 Use of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed Fire Extinguishers.
NVIC 02-89 Guide for Electrical Installations on Merchant Vessels and Mobile Offshore Drilling Units.
NVIC 04-89 Introduction to Human Factors Engineering.
NVIC 05-92 Guidelines for Wire Rope Towing Hawsers.
NVIC 11-93 Applicability of Tonnage Measurement of Tonnage Systems to U.S. Flag Vessels.
NVIC 01-94 Marking of Life Preservers and PFDs.
NVIC 06-94 Guidance for Issuing International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) Certificates.
NVIC 09-94 Guidelines for Training and Certification in the Use of Marine Radar.
NVIC 01-95 Voluntary Training Standards for Entry-Level Personnel on Towing Industry Vessels.
NVIC 03-95 Periodic Inspection and Testing of Fixed Halon Fire Fighting Equipment.
NVIC 09-00 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing System Safety.
NVIC 09-00 Ch-1
NVIC 04-01 Licensing and Manning for Officers of Towing Vessels.
NVIC 04-01 Encl. 1
NVIC 04-01 Encl. 2
NVIC 04-01 Encl. 3
NVIC 04-01 Encl. 4
NVIC 04-01 Encl. 5
NVIC 04-01 Encl. 6
NVIC 10-02 Security Guidelines for Vessels.
NVIC 10-02 Ch-1.
NVIC 02-03 Carriage of Navigation Equipment by Ships on an International Voyage.
NVIC 04-03 Guidance for Verification of Vessel Security Plans on Domestic Vessels.
NVIC 04-03 Ch-1
NVIC 04-03 Ch-2
NVIC 04-03 Ch-3
NVIC 07-04 Ch-1 Ballast Water Management.
NVIC 03-07 Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Program.
NVIC 02-08 Crew Endurance Management System (CEMS) Implementation.
NVIC 01-16 Use of Electronic Charts and Publications in lieu of Paper Charts, Maps and Publications.

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