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Barge Rigging Training

Uninspected Towing Vessel (UTV) Examiner Course

Open to both CG Members & Industry

Description: This 5-day course is designed to provide Examiners with a comprehensive understanding of the current federal regulations and CG policies applicable to the uninspected towing vessel industry. Examiners are provided with technical skills in examining equipment and systems on these vessels including, but not limited to navigation, lifesaving, fire fighting, machinery, pollution prevention, stability and occupational safety. The course includes a field trip to local UTV's and shipyard. This course fully supports the TVBP training initiatives.

FY16 Course Dates:
November 16 - 20, 2015 Paducah, KY (Industry seats available)
April 18 - 22, 2016 Yorktown, VA (Industry seats available)
June 27 - July 01, 2016 Yorktown, VA (Industry seats available)
September 26 - 30, 2016 Yorktown, VA (Industry seats available)

Exportable UTV Examiner Course

This course is also exportable. The procedures to request a course convening in your area are as follows:

1. The local Coast Guard unit working with their local Uninspected Towing Vessel (UTV) industry partners must request the training, via Coast Guard memorandum, through their Coast Guard Sector Office.

2. If approved at the Sector level, the Sector Office will forward the memorandum with comments to their Coast Guard District Office for approval.

3. If approved at the District level, the District Office will forward the memorandum with comments to Training Center Yorktownís Marine Inspection & Investigation School (Joseph Myers) for approval.

Please note: Instructor availability for exportable training requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. Because of instructor commitment to already scheduled UTV courses, it is recommended that the requestors of exportable training provide several date options to improve the chances of instructor availability.

Currently there are no funds for Coast Guard personnel to attend exportable UTV courses. So, if a Coast Guard member wants to attend the exportable UTV course the memberís Coast Guard unit would have to fund travel and per diem. If the Coast Guard member is in the local area there is no cost associated with attending the exportable UTV course. There is no cost for industry personnel to attend the exportable UTV course. If UTV industry personnel must travel to the training location their company would be required to fund their travel and per diem.


Industry participation in this course is welcome and encouraged and is directly aligned with the Towing Vessel Bridging Programís guiding principles of transparency, partnership and spirit of cooperation. You add value to our class with your in-depth industry knowledge and experience. Your take-away from this course is enhanced interaction and communication with CG UTV Examiners, networking opportunities with TVNCOE as well as better preparation for UTV Exams.

Selection Criteria: Due the limited number of seats available to Industry (5 seats per class), selection will be based on a combination of first-come-first-serve, towing vessel companies, and those companies that didnít have representation in previous convenings.

Selection Notification: Selected individuals will receive an email with logistical information for traveling to the course location as soon as the each class roster is finalized. All others not selected will automatically be placed on a wait list in case of last minute openings.

Enrollment requests should be sent via email to LCDR Parris Stratton.


Prerequisite: Member must be either in a UTV Billet or actively conducting UTV Exams at their unit.

To Enroll: Submit an ETR thru your unit's Training Officer.

Course POC: Mr. Joseph Myers, TRACEN Yorktown, (757) 856-2549, Joseph

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