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US Coast Guard Yard: Quality Service Since 1899

Yard Leadership

"Service to the Fleet"

Commanding Officer (biography) Captain George Lesher 410-636-3271
Executive Officer (biography) Commander Christopher Wolfe 410-636-3271
Command Senior Chief (biography) Senior Chief Robert Proctor 410-636-7713
Industrial Manager (biography) Captain Vincent Skwarek 410-636-3202
Chief, Project Management (biography) Commander Dirk Krause 410-636-3208
Production Manager (biography) Mr. John Bragaw 410-636-4025
Chief, Engineering/Business Manager (biography) Mr. Eric Linton 410-636-3896
Chief, Planning and Estimating (biography) Mr. James Hoehn 410-636-7402
Chief, Military Support Division (biography) Lieutenant David Rott 410-636-4149
Financial Manager (biography) Mr. Bob Hayden 410-636-3639
Facilities Engineer (biography) Commander Stephen Roncone 410-636-4097
Quality and Safety Manager (biography) Mr. Roger Taylor 410-636-3597
Communications Manager (biography) Mrs. Dottie Mitchell 410-636-7238
Structural General Foreman (biography) Mr. Adam Cole 410-636-4021
Mechanical General Foreman (biography) Mr. Donald Shields 410-636-3565
Electrician/Electronics General Foreman (biography) Mr. Ron Viands 410-636-3897
Services Group General Foreman (biography) Mr. John Downes 410-636-7699
Last Modified 5/13/2016