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Cultural Observances

"Service to the Fleet"

Baltimore Area Coast Guard Commands
Hold 3rd Annual "Diversity Day" Celebration

The Baltimore Area Coast Guard (BACG) commands held their 3rd annual Diversity Day on October 4, 2012.  Although rainy weather forced the celebration indoors, the BACG military and civilian employees enjoyed a variety of cultural exhibits, Coast Guard booths, ethnic food sampling, and performances by guest artists. Native American, African-American, Hispanic-American and Asian/Pacific American performers provided cultural education as well as outstanding entertainment. 

Mr. Keith Colston, a cultural consultant for the Baltimore American Indian Council, served as the celebration's guest speaker.  During the Native American Indian dances, Mr. Colston narrated the history of the Tuscarora and Lumbee Indian tribes of North American.

The BACG commands and organizations participating in this year’s celebration included the Coast Guard Yard, Surface Forces Logistics Center, Sector Baltimore, Asset Project Office Baltimore, Mobile Support Unit Baltimore, Coast Guard Spouses Association, Federal Women's Program, Coast Guard Enlisted Association, Chief Warrant Officers Association, Yard MWR, and BACG Morale.



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