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Coast Guard Yard Chaplain

"Readiness, People, Stewardship"
and may we pray for them constantly

Becoming a Chaplain Or
Religious Program Specialist (RP)

If you or a family member are interested in becoming a Navy Chaplain (all Coast Guard and Marine Chaplains are Navy Chaplains who care for the entire sea services) you should make an appointment to speak to a chaplain.

In general, the educational requirements include a Bachelors Degree, a Masters of Divinity Degree (three years postgraduate), and the endorsement from a recognized faith group. Once a person has received a Bachelors Degree and been accepted at seminary, they can qualify for the Chaplains Candidate Program and be commissioned. There are age requirements but waivers are available for certain faith groups and those with prior military service. For more information talk to a chaplain, Chaplain Corps Recruiter at 901-874-9216 or the Navy Officer Programs Recruiter in your area.

To become an enlisted Religious Program Specialist (RP) who works with chaplains, talk to a chaplain, call 1-800-USA Navy or go to the web site The local Navy Recruiter can also provide information for those who are not already in the military.

Jason Ulven, LT, CHC, USNR
USCG Yard Chaplain
Office: 410-636-7715

Last Modified 5/16/2017