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Coast Guard Investigative Service

Headquarters Staff Directory



Mr. Michael Berkow

(202) 372-3058

Deputy Director:

Mr. John Buchanan

(202) 372-3058

Administrative Assistant:

Lisa Jones

(202) 372-3058

Deputy Director, Mission Support:

Mr. Richard F. Woodford

(202) 372-2581

Assistant Director, Human Capital:


(571) 280-0622

Assistant Director, Policy & Doctrine:

S/A Otis Harris

(202) 650-7222

Assistant Director, Operations:

S/A Brett Simpson

(202) 372-3049

Assistant Director, Personnel and Security:

S/A David Hooper

(202) 372-3040

Assistant Director, Training:

S/A Robert Simmons

(202) 372-3059

National Joint Terrorism Task Force (NJTTF):

S/A William Hicks

(571) 280-5457

Sex Crimes Program Manager

S/A Beverly Vogel

(202) 372-3053

Legal Counsel:

LCDR Lisa Rice

(202) 372-3047

Joint Task Force-Investigations:

S/A David Leighton

(571) 280-0622


Pre-Employment USCG Criminal Investigation Database Checks
(For Official Purposes Only)

Fax req to:

(202) 372-8336

Email req to:


Fraud Report Hotline

Email report to:


Crime Analysis/Case Management

Crime Analyst/Case Management Team Lead:

Ms. Stephanie McClellen

202) 372-3042

Sexual Assault Prevention Response Analyst:



Case Management Specialist:

Mrs. Leila Herold

(202) 372-3041



FOIA/Privacy Act Officer:

Mr. Langston Brooks

(202) 372-3039


Servicing Personnel Office (SPO)

Personnel Officer:

PERS2 Jennifer Votinov

(202) 372-3055

SPO Supervisor:

YNC Kori Heath

(202) 372-3051


YN3 Desmond Adams, II

(202) 372-3056



Planning & Budget Program Manager:

Mr. Mike Greene

(202) 372-13048

Contracting/Supply Officer:

F&S3 William Miller

(202) 372-1125


SK1 Tiyre Clohessy

(202) 372-3043


Electronic Crimes Section

Special Agent in Charge:

SAC Charles Fehrman

(703) 313-5772


Polygraph Unit

Special Agent in Charge

SAC David Reisinger

(703) 872-6697


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Last Modified 05/04/2016