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For further information regarding travel regulations please visit PPC's website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:  I just received PCS orders for my new unit on a CG Cutter.  What should
                       I do to get scheduled for required training?

Answer:  TQC will be notified within 5 days after the assignment officer releases
                      orders.  You do not need to notify TQC that you have received orders or send training
                      request for pre-arrival designated training.  TQC will schedule you for the training you

Exception:  If you are reporting in two months or less and you have not received any
                       information from TQC, please contact us.

Reference:  Cutter Training and Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M3502.4I,
                      Chapter 3.C


Question 2: How do I know that TQC has my information?

Answer: TQC will research all your pre-arrival training, compare that with the training
                       you have received, and will schedule you for any pre-arrival training you have not yet attended. 
                      TQC will send you an e-mail stating that your pre-arrival training has been scheduled.  Your
                       training will be viewable in Direct Access.  It is the student's responsibility to notify
                       the current and gaining unit of any scheduled pre-arrival training. Contact TQC immediately if
                       you are unable to executer your orders for pre-arrival training. 

Exception: If you new billet does not require any pre-arrival training or you have completed all of your pre-                                        arrival training at an earlier date, you will not receive any notification from TQC.

Reference: Cutter Training and Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M3502.4I,
                       Chapter 3.E


Question 3: How do I know what training I need for my new billet?

Answer: TQC schedules training that is required by the Master Training Lists
                      (MTL's).  You can view these lists at
MTL’s are broken down by unit type, then by billet.  Once you find your ship type and
                      your specific billet, you can view your required training.  Next, look at the PT column
                      for each course listed.  If the letters "PRE" are under the PT column, the course is a
                      pre-arrival requirement and will be scheduled automatically by TQC using the process
                      above.  If the letters are "REQ" this means that the course is required, but not pre-
                      arrival.  TQC will attempt to schedule all training, but pre-arrival has priority.  If TQC
                      does not schedule required training; your unit must submit an Electronic Training
                      Request (ETR) for you to attend the training. 

Reference:  Cutter Training and Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M3502.4I,
                      Chapter 3.B and the MTL posted on the Commandant (CG-751) website
                     ( )


Question 4: I received a pre-arrival e-mail form TQC.  Some of the courses that I'm
                       pipelined for say "previously trained" or "course wait pipe".  What does this means?

Answer: Previously trained: our records show that you have previously completed
                      that course.  You do not need to attend it again and will not be scheduled for that
                      course. Course Wait pipe: If your pipeline course is full or the dates that are available
                      conflict with other courses you are enrolled in, you will be placed on a wait list.  If you
                      are placed on  a wait list you will most likely be enrolled in the next available session.

Reference: Direct Access online help


Question 5: What should I do if I am enrolled in a course that I have already taken?

Answer: We get our information from your Direct Access training summary.  If the
course is not in your training summary, then TQC assumes you have not taken the
                      course.  If you  have already taken a course, please contact TQC and have your unit
                      enter the course completion into Direct Access.

Exceptions: You need approval from the applicable Program Manger if you have
                      already taken the course and would like to take it again.  No one will automatically be
                      scheduled for a course that they have already taken.

Reference: Cutter Training and Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M3502.4I,
                      Chapter 3.E and Performance, Training, and Education Manual (PTE) COMDTINST


Question 6: I have orders to one billet, but my unit wants to place me in another billet.
                       I  need training for the billet that my unit is placing me in.  How do I receive the correct

Answer: Unfortunately, TQC can only train you for the billet that the detailer  has
                      assigned to you.  TQC understands the need for ships to place you where they need
                      you. However, in order for you to be scheduled for the proper training, the unit must
                      contact the detailer when they place you in a different billet. Once your billet has been
                      changed by EPM you can be scheduled for the required training for that billet.

Reference: Cutter Training and Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M3502.4I,
                      Chapter 3.B.3 C


Question 7: What if I receive orders for training, but I cannot attend (Operational 
                      Commitment, Family Emergency, Wedding plans, etc.)? What can I do to change the

Answer: If you are unable to attend scheduled training, your unit must send an ADMIN C2OIX cancellation e-mail
                      to TQC and the Program Manager to request cancellation of your orders. 
                      This request requires the approval of the Program Manger and the receiving unit must
                      concur with the cancellation. TQC cannot always accommodate you. If you cancel ,
                      training  and do not attend prior to reporting aboard a new unit, you lose your
                      pre-arrival training priority status and may not get another opportunity to attend the
                      training. Visit to see the template for a
                      cancellation message.

Reference: PTE Manual, COMDTINST M1500.10C, Chapter 8.E.4-5 and Curter
                      Training and Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M3502.4I Chapter 3.4


Question 8: I have received my pre-arrival e-mail and some training dates listed are
                       after my report date. I looked on your website and there are classes available before
                       I report; why can't I attend those dates?

Answer: In some cases, there may not be enough seats per class to schedule
                      everyone before they report to their new unit. For example: There are 50 EM's that
                      need Fiber Optics, and there are only 10 seats per class which are occupied by higher
                      priority pre-arrival members. The dates for the class are February, April, June and
                     August. The classes are full for the Feb, April and June convening, but your report date
                      is in June.  TQC would have to schedule you to attend the August convening.  You will
                      keep your pre-arrival pipeline status, if you don't cancel the convening date.

Reference: Cutter Training and Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M3502.4I,
                      Chapter 3.B.1.d and Chapter 3.B.4.a-b.


Question 9: I am fleeting up; will I receive pre-arrival training?

Answer: Fleet-ups and extensions will not be automatically scheduled or receive
                      priority for pre-arrival training. However, your unit may submit a training request for
                      you to attend the training. Members are required to have at least one year of service
                      remaining on current enlistment or period of active service as of the completion date
                      of the class. There is no minimum service requirement for personnel assigned to
                      advanced training of duration of two weeks or less.

Reference: Cutter Training and Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M3502.4I,
                      Chapter 3.B.3.b


Question 10: Where would I go to view training dates, forms, etc?

Answer: You are already in the right place - the TQC website! Just click on class
                      schedules to view all training schedules, point of contact and descriptions of courses.
                      You will also find information on how to submit training requests. 

To contact the proper scheduler for each course, please refer to our TQC phone
                       List on our web site; which breaks down courses by each scheduler.


Question 11: Who is authorized to amend orders?

Answer: The Travel Approving Official or Authorizing Official (AO) who counsels
                      travelers on there orders and signs the finalized set of orders is authorized to make

Reference: Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual (PPPM), PPCINST M1000.2A
                      Chapter 2.B.7; 3PM Chapter 2.B.12;


Question 12: What amendments can units authorize on TDY orders?

Answer: AO's can typically do all amendments to orders IAW the JFTR, with the
                      exception of authorizing rental vehicles.

Typical amendments for TDY orders that AO's can complete are:

    1.  Remain Over Night (RON) - JTR U 3030, PPPM 2.B.13.4

    2.  Actual Expense Allowance (AEA) - JTR 4300

    3.  Mode of Travel (Excluding rental vehicle) - JTR 3000

    4.  Leave in conjunction with TDY travel - JTR 4105

    5.  Flights at airports other then those directed - IAW SATO Travel,  if a member
                                is unable to utilize the airport suggested by SATO, a member is authorize to
                                utilize another local airport.  However, if the requested airport exceeds 100
                                miles from the training location  the unit AO must create an amendment
                                authorizing the location.

    6.  Back-to-back TDY classes - COMDTINST M1000,6a 4.G.2.b.2

    7. Travel to training and return travel to PDS (cutter underway) - JTR 7105-C2;
                               Appendix A, JTR 4300

    8. For additional guidance regarding TQC amendment; please refer to Personnel
                               and Pay Procedures Manual (PPPM), Chapter 2.B.12.4.


Question 13: What amendments should I contact TQC for?

Answer: If a rental vehicle is needed, TQC must be contacted since AO's do not
                       have authority to issue this amendment.

Reference: JTR Appendix O T4030.A


Question 14: I received my orders and my estimated cost seems low; how do I
                       get the amount increased?

Answer: Cost estimated on orders are just estimates.  They do not accurately
                       reflect your final total. The dollar amount is automatically generated in Direct
                      Access; TAC does not compute travel estimates. Your unit SPO or yeoman should
                      be able to help you with any questions regarding reimbursable expenses.

Active duty and government civilians should use their government charge card for
                       travel. Reimbursement will be based on charges on the card and government
                       authorized per diem rates.

Auxiliary members receive a TONO with their orders. Since Auxiliarists do not
                       have a travel car, they need to contract DIRAUX with their orders if they require
                       advancement for travel. The DIRAUX will compute the amount based on the
                       member's travel plans.

Reserve members will receive No Cost orders from TQC. These orders do not
                       have a TONO associated with them. Reservists should contact FOT for reserve
                       cost estimates.

Note: Air Travel should be scheduled through SATO.


Question 15: Can AFC-30 funds be used for C schools?

Answer: No.  AFC-30 funds may not be used for any courses listed on the USCG Class “C” school training schedule. This includes all resident and exportable training courses. Only AFC-56 funds are used for active duty, reservists on active duty, Auxiliarists, and GS personnel attending Class “C” resident and exportable training. TQC issues orders for all AFC-56 funded “C” schools.  A complete list of these courses is on the TQC website.

 References:  Coast Guard Funding Authority and Structure, COMDTINST M7100.3D Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP) Manual, COMDTINSTM 4200.13H

Question 16: I am a reservist not on active duty in receipt of orders to “C” school. Why don’t my orders have a TONO or accounting string?

 Answer:  AFC-90 funds cover expenses for reservists not on extended active duty to attend class “C” schools. TQC enrolls and issues no-cost orders, but the reserve member is responsible for contacting their DXR to obtain funding to execute the orders.

 References:  Coast Guard Funding Authority and Structure, COMDTINST M7100.3DSimplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP) Manual, COMDTINSTM 4200.13H

 For further information regarding travel regulations please visit PPC's website

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