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2012 SMTC Family Hurricane Letter

Dear SMTC Families,

As you know, the 2012 Severe Weather / Hurricane Season is upon us. It begins on June 1st and extends through November 30th, 2012. The National Weather Service reports an average hurricane season has 11 named tropical storms, including six hurricanes of which only two typically reach major status. During the last century, the probability of at least one major hurricane landfall on the U.S. East Coast was 31%.  We experienced one significant severe weather event that impacted our area in 2011, one of which necessitated a brief evacuation of our dependents (Hurricane Irene).

I strongly recommend that you carefully consider all of the available guidance and recommendations related to severe weather – to include what impact storms of varying intensity will, or may have, in your neighborhood – and then take all reasonable measures to protect your family, pets, and home in the event severe weather does approach the area. Additional information is enclosed with this letter and should be kept on hand during the hurricane season for reference in the event a storm approaches. I encourage you to become familiar with the national weather service’s hurricane safety and preparedness fact sheet. This can be located at   (Note: there is a “_” between “hurricane” and “safety”.)  For the 2012 hurricane season, SMTC has created a new hurricane preparation page on our website.  You will be able to find much of the information which is contained in this mailing, as well as additional links and hurricane preparation resources.

I recommend you develop an action plan detailing the specific steps you will take in the event of severe weather, to include a potential evacuation. While an evacuation may not be necessary this hurricane season, you must be prepared to conduct one! Military members will likely be ordered to report to SMTC to assist during an evacuation. Family members should have an action plan that considers this. A tropical storm may trigger mandatory evacuations by state and/or local authorities. Even if evacuation is not mandatory, it may still be wise to evacuate your family.  If you desire to voluntarily evacuate, travel will be at your own cost with no travel reimbursement.  All military and civilians in receipt of a Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) have been advised that their GTCC is to only be used by them and for them.

With respect to your relocation expenses in the event of an evacuation, the following applies:

If evacuation becomes necessary, please contact the SMTC Training Support Center (TSC) at (910) 650-2369.  Contact the TSC daily, or as requested during an event, providing your status, contact information, whereabouts, and any need for assistance. Enclosures (1) through (6) provide helpful information related to many aspects of family readiness during severe weather, particularly evacuations.   Please review Enclosure (5) SMTC Member Contact Information Sheet to ensure this information is correct and current.

All of your family readiness requirements and your action plan should be completed as soon as possible, but no later than June 1st. Any questions, suggestions, and/or concerns should be directed to YNC Robert Clerkin at (910) 440-7038 or (910) 376-1058.

Thank you for your shared commitment to hurricane preparedness. Your safety and well being is of utmost importance to me and to the success of the SMTC.


Captain, U. S. Coast Guard
Commanding Officer

(1) Recommended Packing Supply List
(2) General Points of contact
(3) Severe Weather/Hurricane Evacuation Entitlement Guide
(4) Recall/Accountability Procedures
(5) Raleigh / Cary Map and Hotel Information

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