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11th Annual AcademyWomen Leadership Symposium and Career Coaching Workshop


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Benefits to Same-Sex Domestic Partners of Military Members

ALCOAST 461/12 FY2013 Child Care Subsidy Program


RADM Stosz on Examining the Impact of Title IX



The Day-Swab summer class most diverse in Coast Guard Academy History


Enlisted Women Afloat Website (EPM-2) 

Lois Bouton, aka the Coast Guard Lady


History of Women in the Coast Guard

Women in Today's Coast Guard: Recent Historical Achievements

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AcademyWomen eMentoring Program (note: this is currently available for female officers only)

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Women in Homeland Security

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Gender Issues

Office of Work-Life (CG-111)
The Office of Work-Life is to support the well-being of active duty, reserve and civilians employees and family members.

Rape and Sexual Assault
The rape/sexual assault program helps sexual assault victims. It provides procedures for reporting requirements to ensure initiation and continuity of care as well as geographic separation of suspected offender and victim, if required.

Center for Women Veterans
The mission of the Center for Women Veterans is to assure that women veterans receive benefits and services on a par with male veterans, encounter no discrimination in their attempt to access these services, are treated with respect and dignity by VA service providers, and to act as the primary advisor to the Secretary for Veterans Affairs on all matters related to programs, issues, and initiatives for and affecting women veterans.