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Office of Diversity and Inclusion (CG-12B)

Compass - Office of Diversity and Inclusion (CG-12B)

The mission of the Compass program is to deploy Active Duty, Reserve, Civilian, and Auxiliary volunteers into their communities to increase America's understanding and awareness of the Coast Guard.
Compass program Compass outreach Compass outreach

What is Compass?

The Compass program was designed to broaden the Coast Guard’s presence in underrepresented communities around the country. It is an innovative approach to recruiting and outreach in which every member of team Coast Guard can participate.

The mission of the Compass program is to deploy Active Duty, Reserve, Civilian, Auxiliary and retired volunteers into their communities to conduct outreach events that raise America’s understanding and awareness of the Coast Guard. An outreach event can be as large as organizing and representing the Coast Guard at a national conference, or as small as participating in a high-school or college career fair. The program is designed around a core team of Coast Guard volunteers representing a diverse mix of multi-cultural and multi-organizational backgrounds. These members are the community leaders and role models that are used to attract new talent into the Coast Guard.

Upon joining the program, each Compass team member is encouraged to link with their local recruiting office to find ways to reach out in their community to conduct outreach events. By linking with recruiting offices, Compass members act as “force multipliers” increasing the Coast Guard’s presence across the country, while decreasing manpower requirements, travel costs, and day to day recruiting expenses. This is especially beneficial in remote areas such as the Midwest, where the Coast Guard is severely underrepresented.

If you want more information, contact the program manager, Damien Terry.

How Do I Join?

Fill out a Membership Application. This will be forwarded to Mr. Damien Terry, who will record your information and contact you to confirm your membership. You will occasionally receive Compass Updates throughout the year to inform you of CG Diversity Initiatives and keep you in touch with the program. If you are a Compass Member, and are not receiving updates, please fill out a Member Application form, as your membership may have expired.

How Do I Get Started?

That all depends on how you'd like to be involved. First, join Compass. Then, look within your local community for events in which the CG could participate, and which would further the Coast Guard's outreach efforts. Some examples include, but are not limited to, school career and college fairs; local sporting events; local parades, festivals, and other public affairs events; educational programs like Big Brothers/Big Sisters and PIE; and events you organize personally like unit tours.

Once you have an event in mind, complete an Event Application Form to inform the Compass program Manager of your idea. Request necessary support such as funding, local Compass members' contact information, hand-outs, and promotional items on the application form. Partner with your local recruiting office to inform them of the event, request other promotional items or recruiter support, and request contact cards for the local recruiting office.

Don't forget! We are not recruiters, and we are not trained to give information on CG entry requirements. You are asked to provide a positive image of the Coast Guard and to tell your story. Please defer all recruitment questions to the local recruiting office.

After your event is complete, please fill out an After Action Report so that the Compass Program Manager can keep track of your involvement and the Coast Guard's return on investment. This will ensure continued support and success for the Compass program.


Additional information to help you prepare for your event.

Last Modified 1/12/2016