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Office of Diversity and Inclusion (CG-12B)

Leadership, Excellence, and Diversity (LEAD) Council -
Office of Diversity and Inclusion (CG-12B)

Lead Council

CAPT Andres Delgado, LEAD Chair
CDR Gina Freeman, LEAD Co-Coordinator LT Susan Arbeiter, LEAD Co-Coordinator



What is the LEAD?

The Minority Advisory Council (MAC) was established in 1990 to increase understanding and awareness of minority issues (officer and enlisted) at all levels of the Coast Guard. Similarly, the Women’s Advisory Council (WAC) was established in 1991 to address women’s concerns on issues such as the recruiting, retention, and advancement of active duty and reserve women.

In 1997 the Commandant established the Leadership Advisory Council (LAC) with the responsibility to develop initiatives and recommend improvements which focus on the welfare, morale and operational readiness of the workforce. In September of 1998, the MAC and WAC were consolidated to form a single Diversity Advisory Council (DAC). Most recently in December of 2011 the LAC and DAC combined to form the Commandant's Leadership, Excellence, and Diversity (LEAD) Council. This consolidation allows one organizational entity to review, coordinate, and provide advice and recommendations across leadership and diversity initiatives. As the focal point for these initiatives, the LEAD serves as a catalyst to ensure a broader and more comprehensive perspective that better reflects Team Coast Guard.

The LEAD is chaired by the Chief of the Office of Diversity (CG-12B). The Ethnic Policy Advisor, Gender Policy Advisor, Workforce Policy Advisor, Chief of the Office of Leadership, and a Military Civil Rights Facilitator/Coordinator are also permanent members. The other Council members are selected to represent a cross-section of occupational levels and include civilians, active duty and reserve officers, enlisted personnel, and auxiliarists. Members typically serve three year terms and meet on a semi-annual basis.

Council members are responsible for keeping their "finger on the pulse" of the climate of the Coast Guard environment in their geographic areas and bringing forward issues of concern. The Council reviews these issues and provides recommendations to the Commandant. Upon returning to their units, members help convey the Commandant’s feedback to the field.

For additional information on the LEAD Council, refer to Commandant's Leadership, Excellence and Diversity Council and Leadership and Diversity Advisory Councils - COMDTINST 5350.9.

What is an Issue?

A diversity issue exists where the firm policy or business practice has an impact exclusive of difference (not inclusive of difference). In other words, a Coast Guard diversity issue is a problem that stems from outdated policies, or widespread misunderstandings of policy; and that leads to the exclusion of others based on differences.

A diversity issue IS NOT a civil rights issue, nor is it an equal opportunity issue. Single-case discrimination and command leadership issues should be submitted to your local Civil Rights staff or your unit's Leadership and Diversity Advisory Councils (LDACs).

To submit an issue, please visit the LEAD submission page.

LEAD Council FAQs

LEAD Council Selection Process

Who are the LEAD Council Members?
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