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Coast Guard Civilian Careers

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Civilian Recruiting Team - Areas of Responsibility

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Contact Information

Areas of Responsibility

Shelly Campbell
(backup Vacant)

  • Program Manager recruiting for veterans

  • Design and implement Civilian COMPASS

  • Design and implement Facebook strategy

  • Liaison

    • DCO – Deputy Commandant for Operations

      • CG-5 – Assistant Commandant for Marine Safety, Security & Stewardship

      • CG-7 – Assistant Commandant for Capabilities

  • Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program (DVAAP) annual report

  • Design and implement strategy for recruiting for women

  • Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program Manager

Erika Crawford
(backup Vacant)

  • Program Manager for Career Entry Level Opportunity Program (CEO)

  • Recruiting for People with Disabilities

    • Special Placement Coordinator

  • Member DHS workgroup on student programs and entry level hiring

  • Recruiting for women

  • Liaison

    • CCS – Chief of Staff

      • CG-1 – Assistant Commandant for Human Resources

      • CG-2 – Assistant Commandant for Intelligence and Criminal Investigation

      • CG-9 – Assistant Commandant for Acquisitions

  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) annual plan and accomplishment report

  • CG-12B (Diversity) liaison for recruiting for African Americans

(backup Vacant)

  • Minority Serving Institutions Intern Program (MSIIP) Program Manager

  • Liaison

    • CG-00 – Commandant

    • CG-09 – Vice Commandant

    • CG-8 – Assistant Commandant for Resources

    • Commander Coast Guard Pacific Area

      • FORCECOM

    • Commander Coast Guard Atlantic Area

    • CCS – Chief of Staff

      • CG-4 Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics

      • CG-6 Assistant Commandant for C4IT

  • CG-12B (Diversity) liaison for recruiting for Hispanics

  • Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment (FEORP) annual plan, plan certification and accomplishment report

  • Annual Report to the President on Hispanic Employment in the Federal Government accomplishment report


Contact Information

Areas of Responsibility

(backup Vacant)

  • HQ & West Service Centers

  • CG-12B (Diversity) liaison for recruiting for Native Americans and Tribal Colleges & Universities (TCU’s)

  • Manage Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP)

  • Recruiting for Hispanics

  • CGRC Liaison

(backup Vacant)

  • NE & SE Service Center

    • Attend weekly meetings; design aggressive marketing strategies (IT, financial positions, etc), network with Specialist and CSA’s, and maintain diversity links in QuickHire

  • New employee satisfaction survey

  • Maintain CG-1212 spreadsheets and reports on metrics

  • “How Did You Hear Survey” maintenance and monthly report


Contact Information

Areas of Responsibility

(backup Vacant)

  • Budget

  • Marketing

  • Member DHS Recruitment Sub Council

  • FLAG/SES recruiting liaison

  • CG-121 POC for the pending move to St. Elizabeths or Ballston

  • Member CG-12B (Diversity) liaison team

  • Member EEO Management Directive 715 team

  • Design and implement a strategy for partnering with OPM

    • Call to Serve

    • USAJOBS website (Hot Jobs)

    • Partnership for Public Service

  • Design and implement a strategy for partnering with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)

    • Alumni recruiting

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Last Modified 1/12/2016