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WebTA vs Paper-based TA Education Services Officer
What is the difference?
WebTA Paper-based TA
Application initiated and sent to CG Institute online through the Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) website. Application form downloaded from CG Institute website, completed and sent to CG Institute via TACCTS.
Member logs in to NKO and initiates application. When completed, email notification is sent to ESO. Member download application, completes and emails it to ESO.
ESO logs in to NKO, reviews and approves application. System forwards application to CG Institute. ESO reviews and approves application form. Opens TACCTS ticket and sends application to CG Institute.
What are the advantages?
  • WebTA applications shorten processing time. The information is entered directly into the system by the member. CG Institute does not need to hand enter the information.
  • WebTA simplifies the approval process. Member initiates and the system automatically notifies the ESO. ESO reviews and approves and the application is automatically forwarded to CG Institute.
Is WebTA mandatory?
  • All applicants for TA (except those attached to units with poor internet connectivity) will use the Navy WebTA system to complete and submit applications.
Last Modified 1/12/2016