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CG Foundation Grant Policies Education Services Officer
What grants are available?
  • CG Foundation Education Grant (CGFEG)
  • Vander Putten Education Grant (VPEG)
  • The policies and procedures are the same for both grants and members can apply for both on one application form.
Who is eligible?
  • All active duty E-3 to E-9 and reserve E-3 to E-9 currently serving on active duty orders of at least one year are eligible.
How much will the grants pay?
  • For the CGFEG, the maximum reimbursement per calendar year (CY) is $500.00.
  • For the VPEG, the maximum reimbursement per calendar year (CY) is $250.00.
  • The Coast Guard Grants Programs are funded each year through generous gifts from the CG Foundation and the Vander Putten Family. Funding is not guaranteed to cover all requests each year.
What will the grants pay for?
  • Reimbursement for text books and miscellaneous educational expenses.
  • See a list of commonly claimed expenses to check what is authorized.
  • Applicants who receive funding from any other source, such as scholarships, loans, grants, etc., whether these programs are federally-funded or private, are not eligible to receive additional funding for the same expense from the CGFEG or VPEG. Members must report all other sources of funding below the list of items claimed on page two of the 1560/10A.
Last Modified 1/12/2016