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Library Unit Test Ordering Education Services Officer
TACCTS Course Order
  • Login to TACCTS and select Course Support & Testing
  • Select library inventory
  • The Add New Issue screen will open.
    Enter test information in the Issue Name section.
    Enter ESO EMPLID as the Member Identifier.
    Select Order Tests for Library Unit from the Description dropdown menu.
    Enter test information, OPFAC and mailing address in the Comments section.
    Select Submit button.course order request
  • When tests are sent, CG Institute will add a comment to the issue with the FEDEX tracking number and change the issue status to Pending Notification of Receipt. See fedex number in the comment history example below.
  • Once you receive the tests, reopen the issue letting CG Institute know you have the tests and want them added to your TACCTS inventory. See tests received in the comment history example below.
  • CG Institute will add the tests to your TACCTS inventory, add that comment in the issue and close the issue. See added to inventory in the comment history example below.
  • Comment history. The TACCTS issue will contain all information about the order and receipt as shown in the closed ticket below.order eoct form
Last Modified 1/12/2016