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Library Unit Online Answer Sheet Education Services Officer
TACCTS online answer sheet
  • Login to TACCTS and select Course Support & Testing
  • Select administer eoct
  • The Administer EOCT page will open.
    Enter the Member EMPLID.
    Select the exam from the Course dropdown menu.
    Select the submit button.
    order eoct
  • The EPQ verification window will open. You are to certify that the member has all their EPQ's signed off before administering an EOCT.epq certification
  • The Coast Guard Toolbar warning window will open. Check to make sure the CG Toolbar is disabled on your toolbar warning
  • The online answer sheet will open.
    In the Testing Information section, all yellow fields default and cannot be changed. If there is any incorrect information in these fields, contact the CST Division.
    White fields also default, however you can edit this information if necessary.
    Be sure to select the Test Form number from the dropdown menu.testing information
  • If any of the answer bubbles are filled in when the form open, select eoct order form at the bottom of the form.
  • In the answer section, make sure every question is answered. The form will not submit with blank answer fields.
    answer section
  • Once complete, print this screen and then click the submit button.
  • The Test Summary page will open with these messages at the bottom:
    Please print a copy of this test summary page for your records.
    Test successfully saved.
Last Modified 1/12/2016