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EOCT Monthly TACCTS Inventory Education Services Officer
Library Units
  • Login to TACCTS and select Course Support & Testing
  • Select library inventory
  • The inventory status screen will show inventory status and last verification date.inventory status
    If the Last Inventory Verification block is green (as shown), your inventory is current.
    If it is red, you are overdue. This is a good way to check whether your inventory verification was processed.
  • If your OPFAC has multiple departments, you will see not only your own inventory, but all the inventories under your OPFAC. You are only responsible for verifying your inventory.
  • Select opfac listed under Dept
  • You will see your inventory listlibrary inventory
  • Compare your physical inventory with this list. Note any discrepancies.
  • Check the EOCT information page to ensure that you are not holding obsolete tests.
  • You can select submit case to open a TACCTS issue and report discrepancies. Once your have reported the discrepancies to CGI, you can go ahead and verify the inventory.
  • To verify inventory, go back to the inventory list screen and select submit inventory verification
  • Check the inventory status screen to make sure your Last Inventory Verification is green and shows today's date.
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Last Modified 1/12/2016