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EOCT Administration Procedures Education Services Officer
ESO responsibilities before administering exam
Testing Area
  • The testing area should be:
    • Quiet
    • Comfortable (AC or heat as appropriate)
    • Well lit
    • Properly ventilated
  • The member's writing surface should be:
    • Clean
    • Smooth
    • Large enough for the test booklet and answer sheet to lie flat
Exam material
  • At the beginning of the testing period, each member shall be given:
    • Test booklet - free of markings
    • Blank 2800 answer sheet
      • Non-library units must use original answer sheets
      • Library units may use copied answer sheets.
    • Two sheets of blank scratch paper
    • Two sharpened #2 lead pencils
    • EOCT challenge worksheets
  • ESO should have on hand in the testing area, extra scratch paper and EOCT challenge worksheets in case they are required.
  • Members may not have these items in to testing area:
    • Electronic devices of any kind (unless explicitly permitted by test instructions) including pocket organizers, PDAs, handheld or laptop computers, electronic writing pads, pen-input devices, etc.
    • Digital or other types of photographic devices
    • Cell phones, pagers, walkie-talkies, etc.
ESO responsibilities during exam
  • ESOs may explain the meaning of instructions to a member, but shall NOT interpret questions, discuss exam topics or assist in solving any problem or question.
  • ESOs may not discuss specific questions or answers they may have seen following the exam.
  • ESO shall remain in the testing area at all times.
  • ESOs must watch for and report any activity that indicates member misconduct.
  • Members may not leave the testing area prior to completing their exam except for emergencies and only if accompanied by the ESO or designated proctor. ESO shall assume possession of all exam materials during member's absence.
  • Exams may NOT be administered orally.
ESO responsibilities after exam is completed
  • ESO should collect test booklet, answer sheet (if applicable), all scratch paper and challenge worksheets.
  • If a library unit, the ESO transfers the answers to TACCTS. The member should verify their accuracy.
  • ESO should process any EOCT question challenges.
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Last Modified 6/12/2015