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Security Levels

Office of Reserve Affairs, Commandant (CG-131)
The Office of Reserve Affairs, CG-131 at Coast Guard Headquarters serves as the program manager for Reserve management. CG-131 creates policy, manages budget, conducts evaluation and provides information.
Function Statement
Provide the Coast Guard a Ready Reserve Force that embodies the competencies necessary to perform Maritime Homeland Security; Domestic and Expeditionary Support to National Defense; and Response to Domestic Disasters, both natural and man-made; and to provide a staff of Full Time Support personnel to organize, administer, recruit, instruct, and train the Reserve Component.
CAPT P. Kofi Aboagye
CG-131 has three main divisions:
1. CG-1311 Reserve Policy and Plans Division
2. CG-1312 Reserve Programs Division
3. CG-1313 Reserve Communications Division
Last Modified 3/9/2016