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Office of Leadership (CG-12C)

Chief Warrant Officer Professional Development Course

About the Course

The Chief Warrant Officer Professional Development (CWOPD) Course focuses on preparing Chief Warrant Officers for transition into the officer corps. Building upon individual skills attained throughout a member's Coast Guard career, this program provides a vehicle for sharing experiences to improve overall group effectiveness. Attendance is mandatory within one year of commissioning as a Chief Warrant Officer appointed on or after 1 June 1994. The curriculum consists of:


To strengthen the officer corps by preparing Chief Warrant Officers to competently Lead, thoughtfully Mentor and positively Influence a diverse workforce.

Areas of Emphasis

Coast Guard vision, Coast Guard core values, professionalism, life-long learning, leadership competence, and uniqueness of Chief Warrant Officers in the Coast Guard.


Leadership Development Center, Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT




How to Apply for the Course

Applicants must submit an ETR, via the CG TQC website. Talk to your Training Officer (TO) and/or your Educational Services Officer (ESO) for submission of Electronic Training Request (ETR).


A message will be required by TQC and CG-12C in accordance with page two of your orders.

Review CWOPD CX Message


From the Program Manager:
Once you have submitted your ETR/STTR, you will receive an email stating that you have been enrolled in the session requested ("You are enrolled - seat guaranteed"). If a seat is not available in the first session requested, you will be enrolled in your second or third choice. If no other date is provided in the STTR or comments section of the ETR, your request will be deleted after the initial date.

From TQC:
You will receive an email Notification From TQC: (example below) - Make sure your email address is correct in Direct Access (DA).

"Orders for: EMPLID 0000000 Warrant, Person Course: 500736 or 501614 - CWOPD (three weeks) or (two weeks), session 0000."
"This email has been automatically generated by Direct Access for travel order notification."
"Upon receipt of this email notification you must contact your unit Administration Office to finalize your travel orders. Orders must be authenticated prior to execution."

From CWOPD Staff:
Approximately 4 weeks prior to class, you will be contacted by email from the CWOPD Staff with pre-arrival information and a request for your travel itinerary. Approximately one week before class convenes, you will receive two more emails with further instructions covering travel and other logistics.

Timing Guidelines for CWO Candidates

Per COMDTINST 1500.1, CWO candidates may also place their names on CWOPD class waiting lists after receipt of transfer orders and a firm commissioning date from CGPC-opm-2.

The goal is to schedule the CWO candidate’s attendance as close to the commissioning or PCS date as possible. However, actual commissioning dates don't always coincide with class convening dates. In those cases, per COMDTINST 1500.1, members may be frocked to attend CWOPD. Frocking will only be authorized not more than 90 days of actual appointment date. Since some individuals may return to their current commands as a frocked CWO, a request to be frocked must be included in the remarks "REQUEST TO BE FROCKED TO ATTEND THIS SESSION" portion of your Electronic Training Request (ETR) or Short Term Training Request (STTR) and must be approved by your command. Frocking authority will be contained in the remarks block of the TDY orders.


You will be issued NO COST ORDERS FROM TQC unless your are on Title 10 or EAD Contract. If you are a normal drilling reservist (SELRES), once you have been notified that you have been enrolled and a seat is available, you should request orders in the same manner in which you would normally request ADT through your ADMIN/SPO and ISC (FOT). If you have already completed your annual training for the year, you can request ADT-ODT orders if funds are available. You can not utilize IDT orders for this class.

If you are on Title 10 or EAD Contract you will be issued COST orders through TQC.

Class Convening Dates

Please visit the CG TQC website for scheduled CWOPD classes

Program Manager

CWO Clinton Morgan, COMDT (CG-12C), phone 202-475-5518, email

Direct Access from home:

CWOPD website:
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