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Office of Leadership (CG-12C)

DHS Fellows Program (502027)

About the Program

The DHS Fellows Program strengthens the leadership skills of GS-14-15 full time employees (or equivalent that may include pay banding and/or uniformed pay grade) through a proven combination of innovative coursework, best practices benchmarking, challenging action-learning projects, executive coaching and assessments, and Department-wide networking – all tailored to DHS’s unique operating environment. The DHS Fellows Program enhances collaboration, promotes a common vision, and ultimately ensures that DHS leadership delivers the right results to the American people.

This program provides a rigorous 10-month curriculum which includes site visits, residential sessions in key DHS locations, coaching, instruction, and one 60-90 day rotational assignment. Developed by the Partnership for Public Service and managed by the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer, the DHS Fellows Program prepares a cadre of leaders selected throughout the Department who are committed to bringing a joint perspective to leading people and mission in a variety of disciplines.

Participant Objectives


Career employees at the GS-14 and GS-15 level, WS 14-18, WL-15, NF-5, O-5 and O-6 who have demonstrated high achievement and are seen as the current and future leaders of the agency and are committed to a career in the Federal Government that are based in the greater Washington, DC area or can travel to Washington, DC for regular meetings.


Due to budgetary constraints this course will not be offered in FY15.
Please check back in FY16 for updates.

Enrollment Procedures

You must apply online at USAJobs; access the announcement and online application.

Costs are paid by Coast Guard Headquarters (AFC 56 "C" school account).

Selection Procedures

Individuals will be selected through a centrally-managed panel review process with representation from across the Department. Each applicant is required to include a completed Supervisory Acknowledgement, as well as a Recommendation from the most immediate Senior Executive in the applicant’s direct supervisory chain.

Note: Applicants selected for this program must execute a 12-month Continuing Service Agreement.

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