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Team Coordination Training (TCT)

Team Coordination Training (TCT)
Team Coordination Training is a training program aimed at changing the way we look at Risk and work as teams. This training is designed for the unit, not just specific people. Through focusing on 6 key aspects to Team Coordination Training we are able to sculpt the team setting to examine risk and truly implement and utilize Operational Risk Management.

The functional areas of TCT are Leadership, Communications, Assertiveness, Decision Making, Adaptability, and Situational Awareness. This site will serve as an electronic guide and answer source for both facilitators and units needing the training. Any questions may be addressed to your District Administrator or the Program Manager, Mr. George Borlase (CG-1134).  Updated information on TCT Administrators (July 2013)

TCT Curriculum Modules
Adaptability and Flexibility
Decision Making
Effective Communication
Mission Analysis
Situational Awareness
*NEW*  Exercises & Case Studies
Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Case Study 3
Case Study 4
Case Study 5
Case Study 6
Case Study 7
All case studies (.pdf)
Table of Contents & Narratives for Videos (.pdf)
TCT Introduction
BUSL Injury
CPB - Line in the Shaft
Defender Class - Capsizing
Defender Class - Ejection
MLB - Grounding - Heavy Weather
MLB - Grounding - Nighttime
OTH - Collision
TPSB - Collision
UTL - Collision
UTL - Ejection
WLM - Toxic Gas Leak
WMEC - Collision
WMEC - Dropped MSB
Facilitator Information
Blank Rosters
Curriculum plan
Essential elements of each module
Facilitator Job Aid
Facilitator Guide
Facilitator Preparation Check Sheet
Facilitator Presentation Criteria
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