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Crew Endurance Management

A ship's endurance can be described by how long it can support operations at sea without replenishing supplies or requiring an inport maintenance.  Similarly, crew endurance can be described as a function of physiological and psychological factors that support the ability of crewmembers to perform their jobs effectively.  Endurance is more than just preventing fatigue.  Fatigue is a state of depleted physical and mental resources typically associated with overexertion and lack of sleep.  Endurance, on the other hand, goes well beyond quantity of sleep and exertion to include a number of physiological and psychological factors including:

  • quality and timing of sleep;

  • stability of a person's biological clock (the body's internal timing system);

  • the internal state of a person (e.g. emotional state; stress level);

  • environmental stressors (e.g. heat, cold, noise, and ship motion);

  • diet; and

  • physical condition.

These factors exert a direct influence on a person's energy levels, alertness, and performance. When these factors are chronically outside of optimal human ranges, they become crew endurance risks that jeopardize crew safety, health, performance and operational readiness.


Point of Contact:

Dr. Tony Carvalhais (CG-1133)

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Crew Endurance Management Guide (version 2.1)

Crew Endurance Management System (Windows XP) (zip folder - takes several minutes to open)

Crew Endurance Management System (Vista Ver.) (zip folder)

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