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Motorcycle Training Member Reimbursement

  • ALCOAST 564/11 - MC Safety Training Reimbursement Continuation and Changes
  • Member schedules his/her training course.
  • Member pays training course fee with personal funds and attends course. CG-1132 is NOT authorized to reimburse for travel expenses to and from training.
  • Member’s command training rep records training into Training Management Tool (TMT).
  • Member completes SF-1164 Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business Form, attaches training charge receipt and copy of course completion card. Include EMPLID on SF-1164.  Forward to CG-1132 via email to:, for signature and accounting data. Claim must be submitted within 15 days of course completion.
  • Refer to SF-1164 template for guidance how to fill in form
  • CG-1132 forwards to CG-513 for signature and document number. CG-513 forwards to FINCEN for reimbursement payment processing.
  • FINCEN processes and EFT’s member’s account with cost of training.
  • Reimbursement limited to course fee for MSF’s Basic Rider Course and Experienced Rider Course. Basic and Experienced Courses offered by Team Oregon and Idaho Star will also be accepted. CG-1132 is NOT authorized to reimburse for travel expenses to and from training.
  • Reimbursement capped at $350.00.
  • Reimbursement limited to Active Duty Military personnel.
  • All requests for MC training reimbursement must be submitted no later than September 15, 2014.



POC: Mr. Dale Wisnieski

Email Mr. Wisnieski

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Mishap Reporting Systems and Tools

Our Web Applications are available on CG Portal through the "Collaboration" tab. The link is a Rich Text File that can be found by searching for "new helpdesk system for all OSC Regional Applications"

-- E-AVIATRS Mishap Reporting System
-- E-Mishap Reporting System
-- Unit Safety Assessment Tool (USAT)

For assistance with connecting to these databases, contact Ms. Teresa Lane



Army Safety Center

Air Force Safety Center

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Naval Safety Center

* Sea & Shore Magazine

* Smart Ride Magazine

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