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Division of Aviation Safety (CG-1131) :
Mishap Response, Analysis, and Reporting

Program Links
Aviation Mishap Investigation Guide (MIG, checklist version, .pdf))
Mishap Short Form (.pdf)
Mishap Analysis Report Master (.pdf)
Mishap Analysis Report- Part A template (MAR, .doc)
Mishap Analysis Report- Part B template (MAR, .doc)
Medical Officer's Report (MOR)

Medical Officer's Mishap Guide (.pdf)
     Figure A (fill able .pdf)
     Figure B (fill able .pdf)
     Figure C (fill able .pdf)
     Figure D (fill able .pdf)
     Figure E (fill able .pdf)
     Figure F (fill able .pdf)
     Figure G (fill able .pdf)
     Figure H (fill able .pdf)
     Figure H Part 1 Only (fill able .pdf)
     Figure H Part 2 Final Only (fill able .pdf)
     Enclosure (3) (.pdf)
Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS, .pdf)

     Human Factors Analysis of Post-accident Data Applying Theory (.pdf)

     Human Factors Perspectives in Aviation (.pdf)

     Human Factors Analysis in Commercial Aviation Accidents (.pdf)

     HFACS Joint Service MOA - June 2005 (.pdf)
Additional Information
Aeronautical Publication Change Recommendation
Aviation Safety Information Analysis & Sharing System (ASIAS)
Crash Dynamics (.ppt)
Domino Theory (.ppt)
Pocket Reference to Aircraft Mishap Investigation (Naval Flight Surgeon's)
Unit PMB Training (.ppt)
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