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Division of Aviation Safety (CG-1131) :
FSO Application & Selection Process

FSO Application Process
1) Read the annual solicitation message. It is typically released in July and the applications are due mid-August.
2) Write your application memo
3) Get your command endorsement
4) Prior to the deadline, scan & email the SIGNED application and command endorsement to the POC in the message
5) Mail the signed paper copy of the application and command endorsement to the POC in the message
6) Complete an e-resume with your desired FSO positions in the job basket (taken from the solicitation message as amended by the AO shopping list updates)
7) Your command can cut & paste the endorsement from the application memo into the e-resume
FSO Selection Process
1) Once all the applications are received, CG-1131 will review the applicants and develop a proposed slate.
2) The FSO Program Manager (PM) will meet with PSC AO to develop the final slate.
3) Final assignments will be made via the all O4/ O3 orders releasing process.
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