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Flight Surgeon/Aeromedical Physician Assistant Training

This training is required for medical officers/physician assistants who want to provide aviation medical care at Coast Guard air stations. Training will be provided by the Army (six week course), or equivalent course, followed by a two week Coast Guard transition course at ATC Mobile.

Required for any medical officer in order to provide aviation  medicine care.  Priority will be assigned to providers with pending orders to a DIFOPs billet.  Must be qualified on a Coast Guard Class 2 aviation candidate physical exam (PE).  The initial PE must be forwarded for approval to PSC-psd-med.

Additional Information:
Contact the CG-1121 Training Manager for additional information.

An email stating the applicant's desire to attend should be sent to the CG-1121 Training Manager. The request must have the applicants Emplid, unit address, supervisor’s name and signature. Also required in your request is an estimate of travel, per diem costs, registration costs and course dates.

Students receiving medical training

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Last Modified 1/12/2016