Security Levels

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Health, Safety and Work-Life Directorate

Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense (CBR-D) Medicine

Mandatory Program
  • All Coast Guard Active Duty and Reservists deployed for 15+ days to CENTCOM or Korea AOR
  • Deployable Operations Group
Voluntary Program
All Coast Guard Active Duty and Reservists who have received one or more Anthrax Vaccinations are authorized to complete the series.
The SVP is a mandatory program for Coast Guard Active Duty and Reservists assigned to the following units/positions:
Activities Europe/Far East Activities  Healthcare workers (CG & PHS officers, Health Services Technicians (HS) and Medical Administrative personnel)
Afloat Units Harbor Defense Command Units
Air Stations Loran Stations
Container Inspection Training & Assistance Team NESU/ESU
Deployable Operations Group (DOG) Sectors (including but not limited to: Aids to Navigation Teams, Vessel Traffic Services, Small Boat Stations)
Environmental Health Officers Training Centers ( including but not limited to: Students, Faculty, Cadets, Recruits, OCS students, ROCI students, DCO students, the USCG Band)

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