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Office of Work-Life Programs - Personal Wellness Profiles

Who is Eligible for this Program?
Personal Wellness Profiles (PWPs) are available to the following members of Team Coast Guard:

Purpose of Program
The Coast Guard utilizes the PWP HRA to enhance the health of both the individual Coast Guard member and the organization as a whole.

Individual Benefits. The PWP provides each member who completes a questionnaire with a personalized report on their health habits with recommendations for improvement. This report can also be used to assist members in designing their own personal health and fitness plans.

Organizational Benefits. The data collected from members provides valuable information for measuring the overall health of the Coast Guard. This information is used to identify and track common risk factors within a unit, a specific portion of the Coast Guard population (rank, rate, age, gender, etc.), and/or the organization as a whole. The HP Program uses this data to formulate targeted education and intervention programs aimed at decreases these identified risk factors.

How does it work?
Members or units can request to complete the PWP either online or in paper format from their regional Health Promotion Manager. The HPM will forward instructions for how to complete the three part assessment. The assessment includes:

Once the PWP has been completed by the member, the HPM will compile the results and return a sealed comprehensive report to the member. The PWP is an educational report designed to help evaluate currently lifestyle, identify health risks, and assist individuals with making decisions on how to improve lifestyle. It is not a diagnosis of medical problems. Individuals with specific medical problems or needs should consult with their physician.

For more information about how to administer the PWP at your unit, see Chapter Five of the Coast Guard Health Promotion Manual - COMDTINST M6200.1B

Program Confidentiality
All information collected by the PWP is confidential. This information will be used in the following limited applications:

  1. preparation of individual sealed reports returned to the participant,
  2. development of anonymous group reports for organizational needs, and
  3. limited research application to improve health care delivery and job site safety.

The information will not be used for any other administrative or disciplinary purposes. The collected information will be held in a secure, limited access data base at Coast Guard Headquarters under the direct control of the Chief, Health Promotions Division.

The only exceptions to this confidentiality are in cases where an individual is could hurt themselves or another. In those cases, appropriate personnel within the Work-Life Staff would be notified, so that appropriate care can be provided.

Services and Resources Available
The following services are available as a part of the PWP:

1.5 Mile Run & 1 Mile Walk Assessment Push-up Assessment
Body Composition Analysis Resting Pulse & Blood Pressure Screening
Cholesterol Screening Sit-up Assessment
Fitness Recommendations Waist-to-Hip Ratio Assessment
Flexibility Assessment Weight Analysis
Heart Health Analysis Weight Loss Recommendations
Nutritional Analysis and Recommendations  

Requesting Services or Resources
These services or resources can be obtained by contacting the Health Promotions Manager on your Regional Work-Life Staff. Work-Life Staffs are located at HSWL Regional Practices CG-wide and at Base National Capital Region.

Program References
The following references provide details applicable to the Personal Wellness Profile

Point of Contact
If you are unable to contact the Health Promotion Manager on your Regional Work-Life Staff, or need additional assistance beyond the information provided here, please contact the Headquarters Health Promotions Program Manager, Tim Merrell at (202) 475-5146, fax (202) 475-5907, or email at

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