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The below MWR Related ALCOASTs/ALCGPSCs are authorized for release on the internet.  Review this information and ensure you check current directives prior to using information from these messages as policy.

Message # Subject
ALCOAST 283/02 Eligible Patronage of CG MWR Facilities
ALCOAST 235/04 MWR Nonappropriated Fund Distribution
ALCOAST 097/05 MWR Lodging Opportunities
ALCOAST 588/06 Boys and Girls Clubs of America Affiliation
ALCOAST 015/07 Child Care Subsidy Program Policy Changes
ALCOAST 047/07 Authorization to use Appropriated Funds to Support Utility
ALCOAST 545/07 Coast Guard Exchange Shopping Privileges for Civilian Employees
ALCOAST 158/08 Accountable Nonappropriated Fund Property
ALCOAST 337/08 Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2007
ALCOAST 467/08 Official Records of GSA Fleet Lease Vehicles and Trailers Reporting Requirements
ALCGPSC 017/09 Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation (MWR) Watercraft Verification
ALCGPSC 016/10 Responsibilities for Managing Risks in MWR Programs
ALCGPSC 042/10 Coast Guard MWR Manual COMDTINST M1710.13C
ALCOAST 011/10 Assignment of Owned and Unaccompanied Personnel Housing
ALCOAST 103/11 Boys and Girls Clubs of America Mission Youth Outreach Program
ALCOAST 343/11 Qualified Recycling Program Mandatory Reporting Requirement
ALCOAST 451/11 Implementation of the Unit Safety Assessment Tool (USAT)
ALCOAST 515/11 Unaccompanied Personnel Housing Service Charges
ALCGPSC 006/12 Annual Payment Card Industry Compliance within MWR Program
ALCGPSC 066/12 E-Learning Collateral Duty MWR Officer Fundamental Training
ALCOAST 460/12 USCG Child Development Center FY2013 Fee Policy
ALCGPSC 028/13 Coast Guard Member to be Inducted into the BGCA Hall of Fame
ALCGPSC 038/13 Coast Guard MWR Program Baseline Standards, COMDTINST 1710.2
ALCOAST 126/13 Mandatory Security Background Checks of Coast Guard CDC Employees and FCC Providers
ALCOAST 190/13 Coast Guard APF/NAF Civilian Employees of the Year Selections
ALCGPSC 054/13 Launch of the Coast Guard Exchange (CGX) Online Store
ALCOAST 242/13 Review of Same Sex Domestic Partner (SSDP) Policy Impacts
ALCGPSC 065/13 Coast Guard NAF Personnel Manual, COMDTINST M12272.1B
ALCOAST 296/13 Coast Guard HSWL Mobile Application
ALCGPSC 104/13 Liability Insurance for Watercraft Procured with NAF
ALCGPSC 105/13 Coast Guard Sports Participation Grant Program
ALCOAST 378/13 FY14 Leadership Programs and Senior Service Civilian Schools
ALCOAST 408/13 Coast Guard Foundation Shipmate Fund 2014
ALCOAST 414/13 Coast Guard Foundation Shipmate Fund 2014 Solicitation New Projects
ALCGPSC 134/13 Coast Guard MWR Unit Award Program of the Year
ALCOAST 493/13 2014 Child Care Subsidy Program Update
ALCOAST 526/13 2014 Child Development Center Fee Policy Update
ALCGPSC 017/14 2014 Armed Forces Sports Calendar
ALCGPSC 027/14 2013 Coast Guard Elite Male/Female Athletes of the Year
ALCGPSC 046/14 MWR Awards and Scholarships
ALCGPSC 061/14 MWR NAF Year 2014 Budget Guidance Update
ALCOAST 245/14 2013 Civilian and NAF Employee of the Year Award Selections
ALCGPSC 103/14 Coast Guard MWR Unit Award Program of the Year
ALCGPSC 113/14 MWR Awards and Scholarships
ALCOAST 410/14 FY15 Child Development Center Fee Policy
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