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Frequently Asked Questions about TRACEN Petaluma

Q - How can I get information on joining the United States Coast Guard?

A - Call 1-800-GET-USCG or visit our Recruiting Information Page.

Q - What is the TRACEN Petaluma's address?

A -

Commanding Officer
USCG Training Center
599 Tomales Rd
Petaluma, CA 94952-5000

If mailing please include Attn: line or dept. (ie. XCC)

Q - Where can I find information about the school I am attending, like what to bring, convening dates, etc.?

A - Each school has its own page.  All school pages can be accessed through the Training page.

Q - How do I get to the TRACEN?

A - Go to the Reporting page and click "Getting Here"

Q - How can I get in touch with an old shipmate of mine?

A - Visit Fred's Place "Where Old Shipmate's Meet!"

Q - How can I find out information about local schools?

A - See the Local Schools page.

Q - Where can I find information about different ratings in the Coast Guard?

A - See the Ratings Info page.

Last Modified 1/12/2016