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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program

USCG TRACEN Petaluma Victim Advocates

A Victim Advocate (VA) is a trained advocate for the victim; a person who can provide emotional support to the victim during interviews, medical procedures, and legal proceedings. The VA may be present, but is not to participate (e.g., prompting the victim) during the interview process. In coordination with the EAPC/SARC, the VA may provide liaison assistance with other organizations/agencies on victim care matters. VAs report directly to the SARC when performing VA duties. Under certain conditions, VAs may be required to testify at a judicial proceeding but do not maintain any type of records or files.

If you want to discuss your options confidentially, please contact a Victim Advocate or a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC).

The local SARC is Kim Cosley who can be reached at (510) 437-3927, or (510) 812-2297.

For a list of victim advocates, please contact the CG Police Department at (707) 765-7215 or the TRACEN OOD at (707) 775-5863.
Last Modified 1/12/2016