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About the Chaplains

Just like the United States Marine Corps, the United States Coast Guard utilizes the services of United States Navy chaplains to provide religious ministry.  The Coast Guard details about 48 active duty and reserve chaplains in Districts, Sectors and in Training Centers like Petaluma.  Training Center Petaluma has 1 active duty Protestant chaplain and has contracted the services of a local area Roman Catholic priest; all to provide ministry to the students, permanent party and family members of our base.  Our chaplains also provide support to other Coast Guard commands in the area as needed.

What Do Coast Guard Chaplains Do?

Chaplains are tasked to advise the command on all matters pertaining to the religious, ethical and moral needs of the command.  They provide religious ministry to their own faith groups through religious services and religious education.  They facilitate and accommodate religious ministry for other faith groups represented in the command as needs arise.  And finally, but very importantly, chaplains extend professional pastoral care to all members of the command regardless of religious background or interest.  Every Coastie has a chaplain!

Our Chaplains are:

Chaplain SeoLT Timothy M. Seo

Father WhiteFather Robert White

Kimberlee SullivanKim Sullivan, Chapel Admin

Chaplains and chapel staff can be contacted by the email link above or calling the Chapel at (707) 765-7330.

Not in Petaluma? Find your nearest Coast Guard Chaplain: 1(855)USCG-CHC (872-4242) or
Last Modified 1/12/2016