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Adding Family Members


Former Spouse – Initial verification of DB (DOD Beneficiary) must be accomplished by the parent Service. Contact the parent service below for mailing and verification information.

Army – Human Resource Center of Excellence, Fort Knox (1-888-276-9472)

Army National Guard – For questions contact the Project Office at 1-866-810-9183, option #4 or email at

Navy – Navy Personnel Command, Millington (901-874-3362)

Air Force (Active and Retired) – E-mail

Air Force (Air National Guard (ANG) and Reserve) – E-mail

Marine Corps – HQ U.S. Marine Corps, Quantico (1-800-336-4649)

Coast Guard – Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center, Topeka – Retiree & Annuitant Service (1-800-772-8724) or (785-339-3441)

Public Health Services – Division of Commissioned Corp Officer Support, Rockville (240-453-6131)

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – (301-713-0850)




Children, unmarried and under age 21
Illegitimate Child, unmarried and under age 21

Active Duty – Contact your Personnel Clerk to fill out the proper paperwork to place this dependent into DEERS
Retired - mailing and verification information.
Contact your service from the below list for assistance.

Step Children, unmarried and under age 21

Adopted Children, unmarried and under age 21

Pre-Adoptive Children, unmarried and under age 21

Ward, including foster children and children for whom a managing conservator has been designated

Children, unmarried and over age 21, Incapacitated

Contact the nearest ID card office for information on what needs to be sent to the member's parent service for determination of the Incapacitation.

Full-Time Students (21-23 years old) – Attending accredited institution

NOTE: Students enrolled less than full time (12 semester hours) in two institutions of higher learning may not combine hours to qualify as full time students.. Title 10, Section 1072 is specific in that the child must be enrolled in a full time course of study at an Institution of higher learning versus Institutions.

If student falls below full-time status, the ID card must be turned in to a local ID card facility. Any medical costs incurred will be the responsibility of the Sponsor

Father, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, stepparent, parent-by-adoption

Last Modified 1/12/2016