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Pictures of TRACEN Petaluma

Personal Property Shipping Office

This office provides support to Coast Guard members attending “A” school training and all military and civilian personnel assigned to units under the Personnel Property Shipping Office Alameda area of responsibility.

Hours: 0745 to 1645

Phone: (707) 765-7368 / 7550 / 7027

Fax: (707) 765-7339

The following video tutorials will demonstrate how to use the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) application:

  1. How  to Register for an account
  2. How  to Login into DPS
  3. How  to enter Personal Profile Information
  4. How  to enter Orders Information
  5. How  to Create a Shipment

“A” SCHOOL Students

Members reporting for training under PCS/TEMDUINS orders or reporting PCS for ET, IT, and HS schools without relocating dependents will be assigned to mandatory government quarters in the UPH (barracks).  Space in a barracks room is limited and it will not accommodate the maximum TDY weight allowance authorized in JFTR U4710-B.

You will not be authorized to receive a HHG shipment at the barracks.  HHGs must be placed in non-temporary storage (NTS) at the previous PDS location for the entire duration of the training.

Members traveling TDY to “A” school are no different than a member traveling TDY to another work site or to a conference.  There is no full HHG shipment or storage entitlement on TDY orders.
Last Modified 1/12/2016