Enrollment Information

Basic Eligibility

Dependent children of the Department of Homeland Security, both military and civilian, other military personnel, and other Federal employees living or working at or near the unit may use Coast Guard Child Development Centers and family child care services.

Congress has directed that children be accepted according to the following priorities as determined by the status of the parents(s):

  1. Single parents, whether active duty Coast Guard or civilian Coast Guard employees (paid from either appropriated or non-appropriated funds)
  2. Other Coast Guard parents, active duty or civilian
  3. Active duty DOD parents
  4. DOD Civilian Employees
  5. DHS and other Federal Employees
  6. DHS Contractors
  7. Parents in the outside communities



Child Development Center

For full time and part time positions all CDC forms and the contract agreement form will be completed for each child prior to enrollment and updated annually or as needed. Failure to turn in forms may result in the termination of contract. Parents of infants may not put their child on a waiting list until the child has been born.

Drop-In Program

The same forms are required as above, except that a contract is not needed. Drop-ins are accepted as long as space and staffing requirements are met. It is recommended to call the CDC at least 24-hours prior to expected use.

Registration Fee

There will be a $25.00 registration fee applied to each enrollment, registration, or re-registration. This is not a holding fee for an actual position.


Children will be admitted to the CDC in the order of completed applications within each of the above categories. Children already enrolled will not be removed to make space available for another child, unless agreed to, in writing, with the CDC Director.

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Parent Orientation Checklist

Each parent will go through the Orientation with the Administration staff before his or her child attends the CDC. Standard Operations procedures, payment information, health policy and other policies are gone over at this time to ensure that our parents have reviewed and are comfortable with the CDC policies.

Waiting List

Enrollment is based on eligibility and available space. Please call to determine vacancy. If space is unavailable, a $25 wait list fee applies. The wait list fee is then applied to the $25 registration once space is offered. If you believe you will need CDC services, please call the CDC main office at 765-7334 and speak to a representative. As a reminder, we do not accept infants on the wait list until they are born, HOWEVER, you may call to inform the CDC of your baby's due date and we will add you to our 'inquiry' list.

Wait list status depends on date of payment and rating from the point system. Families with higher priority may supercede others already on the wait list based on Commandant's Instruction of "Basic Eligibility" as outlined in the Basic Eligibility section above.

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