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Military Requirements/E-PME for E-3 and E-4

Welcome to the Military Requirements/E-PME page for E-3 and E-4.  

The purpose of this page is to direct YN "A" Students to the E-PME website in order to complete their required E-3 and E-4 Performance Qualifications, if not already completed prior to arriving at "A" School. 

Please contact your Instructor if you have any questions or problems accessing the E-PME website. 

Student guides are provided at each classroom workspace to assist you in completing the required assignments.  They are not personal copies and should not be removed from the classroom.  Please refrain from making any marks, or removing any pages, in these guides. 

The E-PME test will be administered while onboard Tracen Petaluma.  A passing score must be obtained in order for advancement upon graduation.

If you are a Distant Student, or a Striker, please contact your Unit ESO for access to the E-PME program and test administration.  You are welcome to review the material on this website; however, please remember that you must work through your Unit to complete this requirement.  Tracen Petaluma will not sign off any E-PME qualifications, nor will it administer any E-PME tests, for Distant Students or Strikers.

For the E-PME website, please click on the provided link:    E-PME Website

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Last Modified 1/12/2016