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Distance Learning Information

Distance Learning Program Information


The YN “A” School-Distance course is an accelerated learning program taking advantage of standardized curriculum via an on-line course, maintained by the YN “A” School Staff, while working as an intern at a Servicing Personnel Officer (SPO) and being mentored by a Professional Development Coach (PDC). Candidates will be assigned PCS in a YN3 billet to one of the SPO units listed below for a 4 year tour. Candidates will have 6 months in which to complete the course. If unsuccessful, they will be reassigned back to the local area fleet as a non-rate. 


Assignments to these billets are controlled by the YN Assignment Officer (AO).  Orders will be issued when vacancies occur so there will not be multiple units to choose from. 

CG AIRSTA Cape Cod ATTC Elizabeth City
CG AcademyCG Headquarters (HSC)
CG LANT AreaCG ISC Alameda
CG ISC KodiakCG ISC Portsmouth
CG GRU AstoriaCG Sector Charleston
CG Sector Corpus ChristieCG Sector Key West
CG Sector Long Island SoundCG Sector New York
CG Sector Northern New England CG Sector North Carolina
CG Sector San DiegoCG Sector Saul Ste Marie
CG Sector SE New EnglandCG TRACEN Cape May
Program Process

  • Candidate completes an “A” School Training Request indicating in the remarks block intent to participate in the Distance Learning Program.
  • Candidate is placed on YN “A” School-Distance waiting list pending billet opening.
  • YN AO issues PCS orders to a SPO.
  • Student reports to the SPO for Training/Internship.
  • Student is assigned a PDC (E-6 or above) by the SPO Supervisor.
  • SPO PDC contacts YN “A” School for Enrollment Contract.
  • YN “A” School Staff enrolls the Student and PDC in the on-line course. Upon receipt of completed Enrollment Contract.
  • Student begins Full-Time training at the SPO with coaching from the PDC.
  • Student must pass final practicum exam upon completion of the course. 
  • Student receives a YN “A” Course completion certificate when all requirements are met and may be advanced by the Commanding Officer in accordance with PERSMAN 5.C.2.A.2.

Questions and Point of Contact: 

YYNC E. Lowe, (707) 765-7117

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