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Frequently Asked Questions

Barracks Information

Q: What kind of duty will I stand and how often will I stand duty?

A: You will be placed in the student duty rotation. The type of duty differs. You may stand duty at the gym, the library, the movie theatre, the bowling alley or at the barracks. Duty rotation averages about 1 in 6.

Q: Is "A" school just like boot camp?

A: No. However, there are some similarities. You will have to march to and from class. You will be standing a personnel inspection every week and a room inspection will also be conducted weekly.

Q: What are the berthing arrangements like at Training Center Petaluma?

A: Your accomodations will be at either Horsely Hall or Steadman Hall. There are normally 3 people assigned to a room and you may be assigned a roommate from another "A" School. There are TV rooms on each deck with a large rec deck in the main lobby.

Q: Will I have to extend my enlistment to attend school?

A:  Maybe. You must obligate to serve two years on active duty from the time you graduate YN"A" school. Example: If you have one year left on your original four year enlistment upon graduating, you will have to extend for one year.

Q: Will I have to pay for my meals while I attend "A" school?

A:  All "A" school students will receive Rations-In-Kind (RIK) as a subsistence allowance while assigned to Training Center Petaluma.  This means that your meals will be provided at the galley (Haley Hall).  However, if you eat at the Subway, Mini-Mart, or in town, you will have to pay for those meals.

There is an ATM available on base if you plan to eat in places other than the galley.

Q: What is the process for choosing my new assignment?

A:  You will be given a list of assignments to choose from.  These are the assignments that the assignment officer will make for your class.  You will complete an E-Resume through Direct Access requesting the assignment you desire.  Then the assignment officer makes billet assignments based on the needs of the service.

Q: What is available for off time recreation and activities?

A: The Morale, Well-Being & Recreation (MWR) Customer Service Center provides a variety of services and activities. The following services/activities are available:

  • Lake Recreation Area

  • Recreation Rental Shop

  • Movie Theatre

  • Bowling Center

  • Library

  • Tickets for entertainment, etc.

  • Gymnasium

  • Racquet ball Courts

  • Tennis Courts

  • Outdoor Volleyball Court
  • Rocks and Shoals Consolidated Club / Two Rock Pizza

Q: Should I bring my spouse and family with me to the Training Center?

A: Preferably not.  There are guest quarters available for family members; however, these units are small (motel type) rooms and are not adequate for long stays.  There is extremely limited availability of these quarters and often difficult to get on short notice. 

Most members that are married or have dependents will be issued TDY orders from their permanent duty station (PDS) and will not receive travel entitlements to move their dependents until they have completed school and returned to their unit.  However, if you choose to move your dependents on TDY orders anyway, you will bear the full expense for their travel and lodging expenses without reimbursement.

Q: Will I submit a travel claim when I report to "A" school?

A: No.  A travel claim will be completed upon completion of travel at the student's new permanent duty station.

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