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YN EPQ's are found in the CG Portal, you must click on the YN2 or YN1 course, and they will be located on the left side.

The revised YN1 online Course (Version 0176, Edition 2) IS available on the CGPortal (HTTPS://ELEARNING.USCG.MIL/CATALOG).  The YN1 End of Course Test (EOCT) is still available via traditional means of ordering through your unit Education Services Officer.  This course and EOCT are based on the latest Record of Enlisted Performance Qualifications (EPQ) form, CG-3303C-YN (Rev 10/2008).  All EPQs for YN1 must be completed prior to taking the YN1 EOCT.

The eligibility deadline for the May 2013 SWE cycle has passed, but completion of the EOCT IS still required for participation in the October SWE (Reserves) and November SWE (Active).  Those that have already passed a previous YN1 EOCT (other than version 0176, Ed 2.) are NOT exempt/grandfathered.

As you may know the YN2, and YN1 are totally online courses.  All enrollees will be under the direction of a Professional Development Coach (PDC) throughout the process to be able to compete in the Service Wide Exam (SWE). In order to complete online program, the PDC (a seasoned YN1 or a YNC, YNCS, YNCM) will be responsible for guiding, teaching and mentoring the student towards successful completion of the program. The PDC will also sign off the Enlisted Performance Qualifications (EPQs) when the student successfully completes all the performance tasks as outline in the course.  NOTE: But, just because you completed the course objective does NOT totally guarantee the qualification will be signed off this is still up to your PDC's discretion.

As the student of the Online Program, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure your COACH reads the Professional Development Coach Guidelines.

YN1 Course overview
The YN1 ONLINE Course (0176, Ed 2) must be passed in order to compete in the October (Reserves), November (Active) 2013 SWE cycle.

YN2 Course overview
The YN2 ONLINE Course (0276, Ed 2) is available via CG Portal..  Passing of the new EOCT is required for upcoming SWE Cycles.  For more information see ALCOAST 378/10. 

YN3 Course overview
The striker program has been suspended as of 1 Jan 2011, so ONLY two ways to advance to YN3, YN "A" school or The Distant Learning Program.

What is a striker? (This program as mentioned is suspended as of 1 Jan 2011, until further notice).



The unit ESO orders the EOCT from CG Institute, but for large Commands it MAY already be in the ESO's library. 

ALL EOCT's are CLOSED book, requiring 80% passing score, 1 hour timed exam.

For all who had completed the online course when it was in the "Learning Portal" and now you don't see it in the CG Portal and do not have proof of completion, click on the Training and Education page, there is a link on the left hand side labeled "Learning Portal History". Search by last name to find your course completion, print page, and this will be sufficient for course completion.  If you supervisor or Command has any concerns please have them contact me directly.

That's all for now. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at or call (707) 765-7121.

YNC Dave W. Odom
YN Rating Knowledge Manager (YNRKM)

Message Postings
This area will be dedicated to messages and notices affecting the YN rating as well as the CG.

Striker Program Suspension

Striker Program Revised

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I receive many phone calls and emails asking a variety of questions concerning the Service Wide Exam, course materials, study preparations, and End of Course Tests. Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question, feel free to E-mail me or call me at the address below. I am here to help answer your questions and concerns.

Why is there a need to credit SWE questions? Why don't you insure that they are right to begin with?

While it is true that a question could be credited due to a poorly written question, most credited question are caused by changes after the development of the exam. Service Wide Exams are developed months in advance of the actual exam date. During this time any changes in rules or policies could change the answer or invalidate a question altogether. Exam participants are given instructions that they should answer the questions using policy and procedures that are valid as of that day. What could have been a perfectly appropriate question when written might end up being credited due to something as simple as an ALCOAST or manual change. Sometimes a seemingly small change in procedures can cause the crediting of several questions. Service Wide Exam developers do their best to write the exam using the most up-to-date information available. But, as most personnel can attest to, manual changes don't arrive at ones doorstep the day after they are signed. Additionally, exam writers are not in any special routing distribution. We must constantly seek out any new or upcoming changes.

Why don't you tell us what the question is and why it was credited?

The main reason is due to the possibility of compromise.  While I can't give the specifics and this answer might not make any sense to you, it is a possibility.  The primary reason for the Service Wide Exam is to rank-order personnel to determine the amount of points to add to the other factors to make up their final multiple.  One might learn something from the SWE, but it's purpose is not to instruct, but to test.  A credited question could have been a perfectly good question with the wrong correct answer, or maybe a key word was missing which might have caused possible confusion.  When a question is in doubt, the SWE writer will err on the side of crediting.  So, sometimes even a good question might be credited.  A credited question, with a little rework, might show up on the SWE again. If they were disclosed, personnel would key in on those questions.  This would make for an invalid test item.

The unknown factor of what will be asked on the SWE encourages personnel to study all possible performance qualifications.  Remember this is a rank-order exam.  This is not an A B C graded test.  Personnel compete their knowledge with the other personnel taking the same exam.  How you do in comparison with the others taking the exam is what counts, not the score itself.  As stated on the SWE Process page, the exam is graded on a curve.  The average score is guaranteed 50 points regardless if it is a 30% or 80%.  How one does compared to the average score determines how many points one will earn.

What should I use to help me prepare for the Service Wide Exam?

You should use the yeoman enlisted performance qualifications (EPQ's) and E-PME qualifications located in the CG Portal. The most current EPQ's are dated 10/08.  Your "reading list" is your performance quals. All other reading lists you might find are unofficial in nature. Be sure to use the correct "quals" for all your study efforts.

Last Modified 1/12/2016